September 2006

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September 2006

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The summer has come and gone here faster than any year in memory.

We enjoy being far enough south in the Caribbean Sea that the hurricanes don't normally pass our way here in Margarita Island. And this summer was especially mild. We had weeks and weeks of just perfect beach weather with the exception of a week or so around the full moon in June. But the months of June and July were laid back and with just enough guests to keep things interesting.

Terry, a firefighter from Iraq, made it down to the villas for his third vacation in a little more than a year. His timing was perfect. He came in just after the departure of the FIVE AMIGOS, a group of bachelor friends from Florida. The girls were smitten by the five and there were some interesting combinations during their week at the villas. It was almost like some of the weeks with Rogito and Mike from Canada, Doc Holiday, Chaka Nui, Rollie and Craig. An MWV "perfect storm". But when the five left, the girls weren't feeling down as you would expect. They were just horny as hell and Terry and two new guests walked right into it. Ten girls and three guests.

When Terry left he passed the torch to a group of all new guests including Shawn, another firefighter (and a wind surfer) from California. Shawn was taken by the older woman in the group of girls, Ana C. At least for the first day. Ana (34), who at times looks a little like Catherine Zeta Jones, tried her best to keep Shawn in line but she found that there are just some guys that she can't have her way with. After dinner, which was a barbeque for "Wild West Night" , everyone wound up in the pool, and eventually naked or almost naked. Ana C. announced early that she was going to the room early and to get some sleep. She expected Shawn to follow. But there was a full moon coming up through the palm trees poolside and the beer and tequila was flowing. Alfredo (our activities director and bar tender) was doing his bartender best to keep up with requests for drinks. A good party was brewing. Well, A.C. fell asleep back in her and Shawn's room so 3 of the girls, Pony, Karley and Veronica, invited Shawn to do a 3 for 1. He asked me whether he should or not. Foolish question....

I told him that I did a 3 for 1 for my 55th birthday and it was truly something that I will never forget. Well Shawn, being almost 25 years younger, said he would give it a go. So the girls, all giggling, led Shawn off to one of the unoccupied beachfront rooms. He finally "surfaced" at noon the next day for brunch. I asked him how it was. "Great" he said, but he didn't remember too much about it. One of the girls asked me to translate and when I told her that he didn't remember much, the girls all laughed and said they would do it again after lunch just so that he could remember. I said "go ahead girls" and that is just what they did. Well, Shawn came out to dinner grinning like the Chesire Cat. What an adventure! Thinking about it, I wonder if that qualifies as a 7 for 1, or at least a 4 for 1. with A.C., Pony, Karley and Veronica ? Just another day here in Paradise.

It looks like Alfredo is behind the bar, firing up the blender for some of his famous pina coladas for happy hour this afternoon. And the music is vintage Jimmy Buffet with Alan Jackson singing "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere".

Hope to see you here soon.

From the Villas,
Magnum Wilde