Trip report - 1st wk of July'17 - From an old brother pirate

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Trip report - 1st wk of July'17 - From an old brother pirate

Postby diablo_blanco » Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:46 pm

To all my fellow pirates.
I just returned from my most recent visit to the island. The excuse I used for this trip was to celebrate my 12th year enjoying the MWV experience. My pirate training actually started back on Margarita island ;-)
Over the years the pretty girls have come and gone but the amazing parties continue.

As they always do Joel, Carmen, Mara and Indiana made me feel right at home. Their warm smiles welcome all old and new pirates alike.

Now as for the girls, well the arrival at the villa is still a special event. Every time I walk up the steps and get to see those island beauties in bikinis, it just makes my heart beat a little faster. Mostly in preparation to start pumping blood somewhere important!
Within the group of seven lovely girls there were some new faces along with some very special regulars. Melanie and Wanda are absolutely stunning, they have that ability to stop any man in his tracks and Anna can make you beg for a timeout in the bedroom.

Activities outside of the villa included an afternoon ATV excursion and a stop at Wilson's. Nothing better than a coco loco and fresh seafood on the banks of the river. Taking the girls out to dinner is always a must and the Waterfront restaurant in Sosua is a nice little spot. Any destination for that matter where all of the girls will get dressed up to the nines will do.

No inside the villa activity would be complete without a stipper pole contest. Definitely one of the best donations ever to the villa - thanks Bomba!

The week went by more quickly than ever it seemed, when on that last day I realized that I have to put my underwear back on and go home. Depression did not set in though since I already have my next trip booked for Sept!

There is one bit of advice that I would like to pass along to anyone who is still on the fence trying to decide if this place really does exist and if all of the stories are true. Throughout my many visits to the MWV villa over the years, the one thing that always makes me smile is when a first time guest says "holy shit this is real, why didn't I do this sooner".

In respect to Magnum the king of the pirates, who we lost last year. I would ask the following of those who arrive at the Surf Rider villa "after you hug and kiss all of the girls of course". Grab a beer and walk out onto the covered patio area, look up and you will see a small sign that says welcome to paradise, raise that beer and make a toast the king!

Stay horny my friends
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Re: Trip report - 1st wk of July'17 - From an old brother pi

Postby mntx66 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:16 pm

Thank you diablo_blanco,

Great to read a new trip report - it's been awhile!
I am so glad all went well in Paradise!

Were there any other guests during your visit?

I'm looking forward to another fabulous visit in 3 days...And yes, I will certainly give a toast to "Welcome to Paradise" for Magnum!

Thank you again!

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Re: Trip report - 1st wk of July'17 - From an old brother pi

Postby BIG-E » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:58 pm

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