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Postby Yan » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:39 pm

I’ll try and put some photos up soon. Meanwhile a report for all you brothers who are desperate for news! There will be a report for the member’s section soon!

Joel was waiting for me, as usual, at POP when I arrived and soon whisked me off to the villa via the Pharmacy stop for Vitamin C.

I arrived at the Villa (Surf Rider) about 4 in the afternoon to the usual dream introduction parade of the seven scantily clad Chicas.
While I can remember there were the following there (not sure of all the spelling):

I am always taken aback by the beauties awaiting (despite this being my 12th visit!). There were a couple of my favourites from previous visits and some great new girls who I was looking forward to getting to know. They were all looking stunning and were rocking with one other guest who had been there a week and was staying another, 15 days total!!! I would be broken; he was doing just fine and looking forward to the rest of his stay and excited by the arrival of some new girls, even though he was in love with Penelope.

After the usual quick unpack and settle up with Indiana I was soon refreshing my memories of the Chicas I knew and being intimately introduced to the new ones.

It was not long before I headed off for a pardee with Anna, this was renewal of frequent intimate times which we both enjoyed. There is no doubt that attention to detail of ensuring your companion has the opportunity to enjoy an orgasm or two will pay dividends. Anna excelled in dealing with my excitement and enjoying herself. Since I last was here Anna has had a fantastic butterfly tattoo on her right cheek, really great to look at as she sashays around the pool.

There are many detailed accounts of mine and other guests’ paradise experiences on the board. I will try to give a reasonable account this time as there has been such a ‘dry patch’.

The rest of the day was spent hanging with the girls, drinking and swimming in the pool. That evening the other guest and I clubbed together USD240 and had a striptease contest on the pole. Eventually eight naked girls were laying around on the upper terrace having each danced in various skimpy outfits (think baby doll) and stripped and ensured our laps were well used.

By this time, we were all hot so three of the girls and us two guys cooled off with a naked pool party. Then it was on to play a daft drinking/smoking game that I had introduced Anna to in October last year. The winner of each round gets to collect some small change (in this case some single dollars), I’ve learnt over the years that these games and other silly play are the way to the girl’s hearts!
My overnight was Amora, we had been sparing nearly all day and I was really looking forward to spending time with her. She has some fantastic body tattoos that enhance her body which is well formed with small breasts that have very sensitive nipples. We had a great time then off to sleep exhausted.

Amora was a great sleeping partner, touchy feely without chasing you across the bed. We both woke about the same time in the morning as the sun was streaming in the room, we were soon enjoying a replayof the previous evening. A clean up and off to sleep again. We both finally emerged from the room about 9.30, me for a great breakfast cooked to order by Carmen and Amora off to the shower and change into a great short tight skirt and skimpy top.

My first full day was spent laying by the pool or in it, in the company of the girls. They come and go in your company, I recommend you give them all as much attention as possible in every little way it will pay dividends as they vie for your next parrdie. The majority of my time was with Anna, Amora, Keyla and Penelope. Many of the girls do not swim or if they do, they do not want to get their hair wet. This is not surprising as they frequently spend a fortune at the Salon dying, straightening and having hair extensions. The girls I spent my time in the pool with all enjoyed swimming and diving, not caring about their hair. Certainly a lot of fun, especially when parts of the bikinis are lost and there is some group mutual play. I had decided that I was next going to invite Keyla to pardee. However, she left the pool and after all the fun I was ready to go; so was Amora. She was my next pardee.

Our pardiee followed a similar journey as the last time we had sex; some of the girls are great actors and I must admit that sometimes with all the sex I’m shooting dust and act. But I am fairly confident this joint orgasm was not an act for either of us. After a shower it was back to the pool.

I had a bit of a doze on one of the sun loungers after Anna had rubbed sun oil in for me, the only way. We all agreed that that evening we would go to the Casino in Sousa. Departure time 9. Now if departure time is 9 you need to ensure the girls have started to get ready by no later than 7.30/8 otherwise Joel will be kept waiting while they prepare!

We were sitting chatting around the lower terrace table with some of the girls, I had deliberately sat next to Erika as I had noticed she did not seem to join in with the others and was quite demure in her clothing. I was intrigued. It was not long before we had moved from a conversation in my very poor Spanish and her better English to touching and stroking each other. Her pale skin and hair really turned me on, Erika did not miss this and we headed for the bedroom. She was certainly no longer demure! Her body was slim with beautiful small breasts and a cute star tattoo on her right side, Into the shower together and to bed.

By now I’m really exhausted so I cleaned up and had a doze until we were set to leave for the casino.

Sure enough all seven girls and Indiana were dressed to die for, what an entrance we made into the Casino! Us two guys gave each girl 30USD to play with and left them to it. Most headed for the slots or bar/disco area. I wandered the floor, I only have an interest in Black Jack but after watching the action on one table I decided the group was not for me and the other table was really not running with a set group. I went to watch Anna and Amora playing the Roulette table, mainly to stand behind watching their incredible asses as they reached to place their chips, I ended up joining them. In about an hour I lost 1000 peso but both the girls were well ahead of their investment. Having seen Chicas do this and stay at the table and loose the lot and sometimes more I was pleased when they both agreed to leave the table cash up and let me take them to the bar.

We all gathered at the bar and moved across to the disco corner where we had some great fun watching the girls doing there fantastic twerking and occasionally joining in.

Back to the villa, the journey was sexually charged as the girls worked their charms on me, they wanted to be my overnight companion. I always leave my choice until the very last moment so attention does not wane. I had my heart set on Keyla, I had missed the opportunity earlier, she was beautifully dressed and looking so sexy but she was not close enough to excite in the bus! As soon as we were back the girls headed off to change into their sexy casual gear and soon we were all gathered around in the lounge, this is except the other guest. He was basically only with his ‘wife’ Penelope who, though looking as sexy as the other girls and had played in the pool was really off limits. I made my choice of Keyla known and very soon we were on our own on the lounge sofa starting to turn the temperature up before heading to bed.
Keyla is really cute and small, probably about 5’ with a fantastic head of natural curly hair that she has added some colour streaks to. Like many of the girls she has a few pieces of body art. Nothing dramatic but one says “live life to the full”, this has to be her moto. After a shower together we headed to bed to start enjoying ourselves. She was incredibly wet, grasped my cock and thrust herself onto me! This is the moment that flashes through your mind, “I need a condom, what is she doing?!!!” This is not the first time that one of the Chicas has been keen to engage in unprotected sex. I have always supported the rule of only having protected sex, there are a number of reasons for this that for me include impregnation and disease. Sometimes this can be a very real challenge when the moment is there for you both. Most of the brothers will be aware of the tip – never go anywhere without a condom in your pocket.

Keyla and I soon sorted ourselves out and had some fantastic sex in a number of positions. Shower together and to sleep. Keyla is a hugger, once I was settled on my back she had her head on my chest and her leg over me. I woke once during the night and she had not moved except to push herself tighter against me. I was woken about 7.30 as Keyla left the bed, had a shower, dressed and headed off. I was not pleased by this but couldn’t be bothered. I’ll mention it to Indiana before I leave. I dozed off and finally arrived for breakfast around 10.
With the exception of this morning the days started to fall into a wonderful routine of waking with a beautiful warm Chica eager to please and boy did they please me! We’d usually would have a long shower together and emerge to a breakfast sitting with the greatest beach view and Chicas keen to treat me as a king. Sometimes feeding each other fresh fruit and stroking each other intimately, this has to be the best breakfast in the world. The rest of the days were spent by the pool or in the ocean, playing with the Chicas until one of them excited me so much we had to head for the room!

Today another guest was due to arrive during the afternoon so there was much excitement, preening and choosing skimpy out fits. Not too much for Carolina to excite me into a pardee, she has to have the largest breasts of the girls, they are so firm and need no support; wonderful. I also recalled from previous visits that she has the most stunning tight pussy with muscles that can squeeze every drop from you. We had joked about this earlier in the day and she assured me the muscles were just as strong. They were. When we arrived in the room Carolina wanted a photo session in her new bikini, she was very proud of it and after checking the photos asked me to give them to Indiana so they can be posted on the web site. Photo session over we had our cloths off and into action.

And so back to the pool. The new guest arrived mid-afternoon and we all enjoyed his entry to be greeted by all the girls. This was not a rabbit in head lights moment as he had been to paradise before but he certainly had a grin from ear to ear.

While he was acquainting himself with the girls and settling in I sat on the terrace enjoying a beer with Amora and Anna, sitting quietly with these two is not an option! Anna and I can get along fine with some crazy sex so to the room for more!

We had a temporary water cut at the villa so we went for a swim to clean up!

I am wise enough to know I am no sex stud so I am sure some of these orgasms the Chicas have are good acting. Sometimes, it is certainly not the case as there can be a lot of fluid around as there was earlier with Erika.

When we returned to the lounge there was music going and the girls were dancing like crazy to try and gain the new guests attention. It was decided that this evening we would again create a $240 pot for a strip/pole dance contest. Another fantastic evening of dancing with lots of naked lap attention for us all and three happy girls that won the contest. It was really difficult to choose the winners as they all really put a lot of effort into their outfits and dancing. Between the three of us we tried to ensure three different girls to the previous event were winners.

My overnight was Erika, I’d become quite attached to this Chica. We had a great night before spooning and falling asleep. We woke with the sun streaming in for a repeat session of the previous evening. After a shower we went back to bed where I promptly dozed off finally arriving for breakfast around 10.

Keyla left in the morning.

Today we had decided to go to Wilsons for lunch and Joel was collecting us at one. Wilsons is a fish shack located on a creek about 20 minutes’ drive along a rough sand dune road by the beach. When you reach the creek a small boat takes you across to the shack on the other side. It was a very windy day that caused some spray on the boat and shocked screams from the girls. Some of them are certainly scared of water, so much so that Carolina had stayed at the Villa.

We spent the morning lazing around chatting and swimming. I wanted to take Amora in the Ocean as she is a strong swimmer and had said she would like to do this with me. Under the watchful eyes of Carolina we went for our swim. There is a very strong cross current on the beach and constant waves so it is not really swimming more playing in the water, having a beautiful girl to play with certainly helps. We returned to the pool for a fresh water swim.

We headed out to Wilsons where we had a great seafood meal of grilled Parrott fish, prawns and lobster with rice, salad and plantain washed down by various drinks such a pinacolada served in the pineapple, coco loco served in the coconut shell and of course there was beer and water. The kitchen is an amazing open wood burning grill that the cooks seem to be able to use to produce some really good food. Our meal for the eight of us cost about 9,000 Peso so shared between the three guests that was only about 65USD each. We must have been at the higher end of the spenders that day as we all received parting shots of a local drink that seems to be made with rum infused with herbs, pretty strong and spicy!

We returned to the pool. Anna, Amora and another guest and I were soon larking about in the water while we had a few more drinks. As usual the atmosphere was sexually charged and there was some serious foreplay going on. Both girls were working hard to get some form of Pardee, any combination would do for them. I brought out a couple of sweat toys to ramp the fun up some more, a couple of strawberry candy 6” penis, this really got the Chicas going but after simulating blowing them they were concerned that there was no lechy! A quick trip to the fridge provide whipped cream, now it was crazy, with the sweats stage props for the girls to demonstrate what they could do with a couple of cocks! By now the sun was behind the Villa and the strong sea breeze cooling, we moved up to the lower terrace to continue the foreplay which was now at the blatant level of asking for sex. The other guest and I were deciding on an orgy or splitting the girls and then which one wanted which or should we let them decide. I popped off to the bathroom to return to an empty terrace and lounge! While I was away the decision had been made! Disappointed I wandered the Villa in search of a Chica, Penelope was around but she was off limits to the third villa guest. However, she said he was angry with her and leaving early so she wanted sex! Sadly, not now, tomorrow! So I got my book and sat in the lounge to read.

I’d only read one page when Carolina joined me, we were soon off to the room! Carolina was beautifully dressed so we had the obligatory photo session before stripping for action.

I must be in lucky week this visit, it is certainly the best sex I have ever had at the Villas and the greatest girl demands. There have hardly been any ‘professionals – wham bam, cash, bye’.

Tonight was to be another visit to the Casino, so a bit of relax after dinner and change into trousers with a shirt, also put some underwear on. The girls of course dressed up, all looking stunning. However, while I had put underwear on some of them didn’t to ensure the lines of the tight dresses were right. Of course Anna and Amora were the leaders. We had a fun hour at the Casino, Carolina played three card poker only managing to retain 500Peso of the 30USD pin money I had given her. One of the other guests, Amora, Anna and I didn’t do much better. Wanda, Penelope, Erika and the third guest were wiser they just watched or drank at the bar.

After we returned to the Villa there was the usual Chica circling waiting until we decide our overnights. We were all sitting together in the lounge when we made our decisions. Of course the guest locked in a tumultuous relationship with Penelope was not included, the other guest and I had had a chat about this already and he chose Carolina while I chose Amora (again!). Ana did her pouting disappointed lips, so what the hell, I said I’d have her overnight as well (250USD charge for an extra girl). Both girls were rather pleased with this but then had to get Indiana’s permission. I would not allow this at some crazy o’clock so persuaded then I’d tell Indiana first thing in the morning.

Off to bed via the upper terrace where we got naked and had some serious fun, I’ve learnt that some of the girls love to be just on the edge of voyeurism. We soon moved to the bedroom where the three of us enjoyed ourselves. We cleaned up in the shower before curling up together in bed.

I slept very well between the two beauties until about 7.30 when Amora woke and immediately wanted to cuddle in and play with me. It was not long before Ana awoke and watched, she soon started to stroke us so a move on to Ana. I now know the merits of flavoured coloured condoms – use a different colour for each girl, then you can keep a track of what has been where. This swap continued for a while until I could not go on! The girls showered and left while I dozed for a while before re-entering the rest of the world for a great breakfast cooked by Carmen’s son. Carmen was away today and her son had taken over. I have met him before when he has helped out, he is a great chap and a good cook.

Today we spent by the pool and I learnt that the guest that had been here when I arrived for a 15 day trip had decided to cut the trip short and leave the next day. Apparently he had some issues at home and the ‘love in’ with Penelope had not really worked out for him. Tip from this repeat offender is that this is a fantasy land to be dipped in and out of. However, there have been some successful marriages over the years; I was told more than 60 in something like 15 years so my tip clearly does not work for all. Though may be in my fellow guest’s case it was better to find out sooner than later. His departure with the planned departure of the other guest on the same day meant I was going to be alone for my last couple of days!

Wanda left today without even saying good bye or giving me the opportunity to spend time with her. As far as we know she had spent one pardee with one of us and most of the rest of her time in the Chica room or going out looking stunning. We have no idea of the reason for this, she is reportedly not new to the business or unwell. The other Chica’s were unable to enlighten us.

Pool time was fun today, chatting with the help of an app translator or Google translate can get a bit deeper into the likes and dislikes of the girls and share stories of their home life and families. Soon of course pairings happen, the other guest was locked into deep conversation with Carolina and Erika was laying on the sunbed with me after we had rubbed sun screen into each other, when we found we could no longer develop this action without attracting attention from passers-by on the beach we headed off for a pardee. After our shower together we were soon on the bed carrying on where we had left off by the pool. Since my first experience with this girl she seems to have become far more comfortable with me and this is revealed in her actions in bed. She started to take the lead. I had not orgasmed but had enjoyed every moment of our pardee. I find that as the days pass by the mind is more willing than the balls to produce the ‘lechy’ every time. In this paradise you are trying to perform to full capacity at least four times a day and frequently more as the multiple partner opportunities are taken. My body cannot do it. My mind can. I use Cialis to help me, one a day keeps the erection strong.

As this was the last night for my fellow guests we planned a stripper party. One of the other guests generously put up USD240 prize money to Indiana with the instruction that there would not be a prize, the money was to be shared and the strip show could include anything the girls wanted.

That evening the girls excelled in some sexy outfits ranging from baby doll to sparkling ultra-short dress. We all moved to the upper terrace and started the music. My fellow guests and I had brought along some single dollar notes to help spice up the action. Each girl performed a striptease dance on the pole and/or floor before giving each guest an individual naked lap dance. Some were rewarded for the sexuality of it with a dollar or two. After all five girls had performed, we egged them on for some more action which resulted in a fantastic lesbian show by Carolina, Ana and Amora. One of the guests and I joined in providing single dollars as reward for the body licking and massaging. During the day by the pool I had provided a few more sweets in the form of nipple tassels, Carolina had of course been the model for these. When our striptease evening started I put the last two sets on the table together with the last strawberry penis. Our evening striptease session ended with a naked Ana lowering herself onto almost the full length, she gripped it and took it from the table, with encouragement from us all she then used it as a sex toy until the full length had been used. What a great evening, only a group like this can get these evenings going.
The night was not over yet as during drinks in the lounge we started to engage in some serious foreplay that eventually had a guest standing in the room with his shorts down and Ana and Amora giving him a joint blowjob. Soon the whipped cream was out and being squirted on him and the girls. I joined in brining Erika with me so by now Erika, Anna, Amora and two of the brothers are almost naked liking whipped cream off each other. We decided to take this to my room and Carolina joined us. Most of us showered to get the cream off and headed to the bed where the condom bag had been tipped out and the two of us were being serviced by the girls. What a fantastic orgy wehad. Carolina and Penelope were overnighting with the other guests. My overnight was Anna, particularly as she was leaving the next day.

An interesting challenge, lack of condoms! I always bring as many as I think I might need, then double the number! One of the guests had found a shortage and taken a small loan, this was followed by our orgy where condoms were coming on and off like crazy. To the rescue, the other departing guest had a surplus and was able to help out. Brothers in arms (condoms!)

After a few more drinks and chatting in the lounge it was to bed, there was not to be any sex, straight to sleep exhausted. Around 07.00 we woke and gently eased into some remarkably gentle petting eventually to mutual masturbation. Exhaustion, Anna headed off to pack loaded with some small gifts.

Today was an easy day by the pool. Both the other guests were leaving today together with Anna & Penelope. The first group left around 1pm followed by the last guest about 6pm. Now I was alone with three of the best Chicas from the group this week – HAPPY Hombre!
Between groups leaving Amora and I nipped off for a pardee, this is getting slower now as we both know each other’s buttons and I am becoming tired. Never the less we enjoyed our time together with both of us being satisfied.

I spent the rest of the afternoon lazing in the sun with breaks for the Ocean and Pool, as the sun went behind the Villa it was time to find Erika and curl up on the sofa with her, Erika dresses very conservatively in comparison to the other girls but this afternoon she had a black top and shorts set on that clearly did not include a bra. She soon made sure I knew no underwear was being worn at all. Not long after this discovery we headed for the bedroom where we repeated the fun we had had before. My mouth and nose were sore from rubbing against a bit of stubble; Erika promised she would deal with this for tomorrow.

This evening the four of us spent laying on the sofa watching TV, this is the first time the TV has been on this week, I was really feeling the tiredness and was grateful the girls could watch a Mexican Soap while I dozed. Time for bed with Carolina, like an old comfortable couple we just rubbed up against each other and fell asleep. During the night I awoke as Carolina was gently covering us with the comforter against the cooler night. The next time I awoke the sun had risen and I just lay there watching this beautiful girl sleep looking innocent! Sometime later we both woke properly and stretched and fondled each other until I received instruction of what she wanted. Carolina doggy is defiantly the favourite with the opportunity to study the butterfly tattoo, slap her ass, reach round to grab the dangling breasts and finally build up the rhythm to a jack hammer level. All the time she is trying to use those tight muscles. In a nutshell just the greatest time at 8 in the morning with the A/C and fan going while the sun streams in.

We just lay around playing gently with each other until I thought there may be a miracle second orgasm so I gave some direction and joined in, but no a blank!

Rest and shower after a few photos and posing by the mirror.

Another lazy day by the pool for my last full day, we agreed to go out for dinner this evening, except sadly Erika had to go home as she was not feeling well. After yet another great breakfast I lazed with the two Chicas that were left until Amora had worked her magic and we headed for the bedroom again where we had our usual fun.

Back to the pool, ocean and sun, mainly with Carolina who had obviously worked out I was resting up before taking her to the bedroom for a real long lazy afternoon session. Other than her obvious assets she is a really caring girl who likes spending time in your company, this pays dividends if you are both naked. I always bring some chocolate for everybody so Carolina and I enjoyed a Marianna Faithfull moment with one of the Mars bars! We suddenly realised that it was 5pm and Joel was picking us up at 7pm, hardly enough time for the girls to get ready!
Joel was on time as usual and we waited until everybody was ready before heading off to town for dinner. Indiana had chosen the fish restaurant on the beach, I think it is called Pavi, it is one immediately at the end of the alley from the road to the beach. We chose our table on the sand and I was seated with three beautiful women (Indiana, Carolina and Amora) the envy of any red blooded male. I was certainly in paradise looking at how well dressed they were. The time to ‘scrub up’ was really appreciated. The preparation had included Carolina going through my clothes selecting what I was to wear!

After a great fish dinner for all of us except Carolina who, I learnt is allergic to fish, we returned to the villa to laze on the sofa until time for bed with Amora, we told Carolina that if she was lonely later she could join us. She did not take up the offer.

Amora and I enjoyed our last night together. When I awoke in the morning she had already left. Disappointing.

Before going for my regular morning routine of breakfast while typing up these notes and checking my e-mails I got my packing underway. I wanted to keep every second of the day free for fun before leaving at 1pm.

After breakfast Carolina, Amora and I were sitting on the lower terrace playing with each other, I suggested we all head for the bedroom with hardly any pre-amble. I got brownie points immediately! Well a 2 for 1 with these two was awesome, they both play well together and with me. This was going to be a last morning to savour on the long flight home.

I now headed for the Ocean and pool for last swims and a laze in the sun. My mind was set on one last pardee with Amora!

Around 12.00 I knew it was now or never so we headed for the bedroom where I explained this may not happen. This was nothing more than a challenge to Amora. By 12.30 she had used her magic and had me in the shower cleaning up before packing the few last things and arriving in the lounge ready to go at 1pm. Joel was on time as usual and Indiana, Amora, Carolina and I all piled in the van and headed towards the airport. We dropped the girls off at the bus station and carried on to the airport.

This trip the new talent was exceptional, Indiana exceeds expectations every time.

Now to plan my next trip to paradise!
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Postby rtravis1979 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:12 pm

Yan, great freaking report man, great report, it makes me miss my home away from home even more, looking forward to those pics and your members section report. Glad to hear from a fellow brother since the boards have been really dry as of late, keep drinking those fluids brother, you'll be back at it in no time. Thanks again man.
Stay Classy Gentlemen!!!

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Postby senorswanky » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:09 pm

Great report! Seven words you will NEVER hear at the villa; "I just want to be your friend". Good lord I am ready to come back. I think I may have to juggle my vacation plans for the year to find time (sooner than later) to get my butt back to paradise. Looking forward to your photos. There are some new names here to check out.
Señor Swanky

Time to my first pardee!!

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Postby Yan » Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:09 pm

Some Photos posted - ENJOY!
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Postby jsuriel78 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:52 pm

Well done Yan!
Fantastic report and for sure you deserve a 10/10 for your week!
Chapeau. :wink: :wink:
Re-living the dream through other's experiences is always great.
And of course keeps strong the connection with the place.
I hope we can meet there sooner or later!
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