A joke for the navy guys.

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A joke for the navy guys.

Postby Davester » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:50 pm

So one Friday afternoon Chief decides to treat his first class and second class to a lunch and would take the junior guys to lunch the following Friday. The chief first-class and second-class leave the ship and go out to have lunch on the way back the second class accidentally kicks something and when looks down to see what it was puff of smoke appears in a genie pops out. The genie being so grateful for being let out of his lamp he decides to Grant each person one single wish. So of course the second class said me first me first. Okay what is your wish I wish I was in Hawaii on the beach with a beer in my hand watching the waves crash over. Proof the genie Grant his wish in the second classes is off to Hawaii. Then of course after the second class has received his wish the first class said me next. And of course Genie replies what would be your wish. I wish to be in Colorado skiing down the white powdery slopes enjoying some hot chocolate by the fireplace. And of course the genie Grant His Wish and poof off he goes it’s your turn chief what would you like to wish for. Well I wish those two knuckleheads to back in the shop in 25 minutes we have a lot of work to do so course the genie grants his wish.
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