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The Wild Island Times October 2012

Postby compwiz » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:21 am

What a month! October was over the top this year ! To start it off we had good friends Jay and his 4 brothers .There were Jay, K.T. , Ash (ton), Hitman, and Raj. This was their 5th visit to the MWV villas, including trips to Margarita Island and to our North Coast DR villas. Five guests and 12 chicas for a week of fun and partying. Someone suggested that we “escape” for some golf at Playa Grande one day, but it never happened. Everyone was having too much fun. Too many things to do at the villa.

The Governator With His Lady

Around the middle of the month the “Dynamic Duo” of Woodeye ( Canada) and Doctor Joe ( Doc Holiday) arrived for 2 weeks of fun. Woodeye brought some excellent Canadian smoked salmon and Iceberg vodka from Newfoundland ( now famous for both excellent vodka and newfie jokes). God bless you, Woodeye.
Doc tried to break his own record of 9 consecutive nights at the beach clubs partying and dancing with the girls. But did not surpass his old record. That one might stand for a long time. He fell in love again, everyday, with a different girl. And the girls fell in love with him. Even Indiana. LOL. Doc has to be the most relaxed and unpretentious M.D. that I have ever seen. His style fits the the villas to a “T”. Both Doc and Woodeye left after about 2 weeks with a tear in their eyes and a promise to come back in the spring. Tabernac. We hope it is so.

Chy Guy was here for his 3rd visit to the villas in 6 months. He is a ball of fun and creative energy. Always helping to organize parties, contribute music from his archive of 4,000 I Pod hits, and entertaining the girls. But Chy Guy, tell me, what is a KIKI ? I asked the girls but they just bust out laughing when I asked. Obviously something sexual. …….Chy Guy has become a villas “regular” ( although there is nothing regular about him) and a close personal friend. His love lfe is not without “drama” either. There is no doubt that he will be (very soon) one of our guests that will find a fiancee or wife here at the villas. That is pretty amazing considering that he has spent the last 5 years traveling to Thailand and Southeast Asia, to do business there, and pursuing little Asian “spinners”.

But his introduction to the latinas here at our villas has stopped him in his tracks. He just needs a “chica filter” to figure out which ones are the “real deal” if he wants to find a mate. He says, they are all so passionate, fun loving, and un businesslike, that they all look like “keepers” to him.

In October, Big John was here for his very first visit to the villas. He liked it so much that he wanted to “buy the place”.

Greg arrived during Big John’s visit. Wide eyed and with that “deer in the headlights” look. He was fortunate to be here with two veterans like Doc Holiday and Woodeye from Canada. Also with the other great newbee Big John ( this definitely does not look like Totos in Kansas ). He finally asked what “toto’ means here.

Halloween Party
Halloween Week. What can I say? It is always one of the biggest weeks of the year here at the villas. Even with 3 last minute cancellations we had 7 guests. All were repeat guests except for Myron ( Chy Guy’s friend from California). It was a perfect week. All were “brothers from different mothers”. Seven guests and 16 girls. Oh my! Oh my! Even newbee Myron jumped right in and did 5 pardees in the first 5 hours. The girls called him Superman .The Man of Steel. We also had Panda Bear ( Neil) here for his 9th visit (his halloween costume was Whack A Mole), Chy Guy Dennis (who was not so shy), The Griz Bear was here dressed as “The Governator” in hospital scrubs, Cliff ( RagTop) was a Viking ( but not the naked Viking from Wales that Winn played last year), and Bomba ( Fire Lt. Alan) was here as the Pimp.

And the girls? It was a ”quality” week. We had 16 girls in the two villas with 7 guests. Oso ( Griz Bear) said that this was the best group of girls assembled at the villas in his 8 trips to either Margarita Island and the DR.

For the Halloween party all of the girls were dressed (barely dressed) in their favorite lingerie as cats , devils, naughty school girls, and witches.

Ragtop ( Cliff ) reminded us that he was here for his 21st visit. Geez. I thought it was ONLY number 20 ! And he may be close to making his final trip to the villas ( at least as a single) . He and Zamira made it official. Number 58. The number of girls engaged or married from our villas. It must be something in the water. And we are NOT a matrimonial agency. Go figure! Hey Cliff , what are we gonna do for dirty martinis with those giant bleau cheese stuffed olives?

In October we had 3 last minute cancellations from Peter ( Pecos Pete), Tim ( T Rex), and Billy ( MoFo). Some with some very good reasons , but some not. But we still had 7 guests for Halloween Week along with 16 girls. But the cancellations have made us re examine our need for a new policy for reservations during peak holiday weeks. The reason is that we are NOT a hotel, but we are private beachfront villas with only a few rooms. Many of our guests are business owners or managers that travel frequently during the year and spend too much time in hotels. They tell us that the LAST place that they want to stay when they are on vacation is in a hotel. We understand. That is what makes us different from other resorts.

Well, the last of the Halloween Week guests are on their way back to the cold north. And we are taking a short break . Preparing for the “Carzy Canucks” that will be here for Canada Week. Yes. Canada Week starts tomorrow with 5 Canadians arriving here at the villas. Ice down the beer and get ready! Aye?

Cheers, Magnum
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