January, 2012

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January, 2012

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The Wild Island Times
January, 2012
by Magnum Wild

Cabrera Cove, Dominican Republic

It’s an unusually cool, cloudy day, like we have seen here on the island for the past week. And Indiana and I are standing on a small rocky beach in Cabrera, DR, about an hour or so to the east of our MWV Villas. And we are watching the local YOLAS, the 25 -28 ft open fishing skiffs that are queuing up in the flat calm ocean just off the beach. Each one is waiting to come ashore and unload his catch. Indiana is a “tom boy” (but certainly doesn’t look like it) and loves to fish. So this is really something entertaining to watch. She is as excited as I am. We are taking it in as approximately 20 boats are hitting the beach to unload and weigh in. Me, I have fished all over, and worked traveling and buying fish on a commercial scale for 16 years, before retiring to Venezuela some time ago. I have seen a lot and have hundreds of stories I to tell. But today is exciting. The overcast skies, steady drizzle, and cool temperatures (about 68 F right now) cannot dampen the enthusiasm of everyone here on the beach. More than a couple of tons of mahi mahi (dorado) have already been unloaded. And there are plenty of wahoo (sierra canalera), yellowfin tunas, and some marlins. One marlin weighs in at close to 400 lbs. Even the trap (nasa) fishermen are bringing in loads of live snapper, grouper, and lobsters.

So, now we know what excursions to promote in rainy weather. Fishing. And a few of us at the villas were trying to get out for some fishing this past week. Go figure.

Now for some news from December and the first of January. We had quite a list of guests. Blake was here on his first visit just before Christmas. He said that this was his first “real” vacation in 6 years. “Been too busy with work” he said. Hmm. that sounds familiar. Well it only took him a couple of hours to feel right at home. Then he proceeded to fall in love a half dozen times. Now, he says that he is coming back soon with some of his buddies who all wanted to come but had a million excuses why they could not.. So they sent him along as the scout or point man. Mission accomplished. Blake says that it was way more than what he or they expected. After Blake and David Ps departure, we had Steven, Chris, Cliff, Jerome, and Brad show up in time for New Year’s Week activities. Cliff (the Most Interesting Man in the World) rolled into the villa on Christmas Day with a bevy of beauties in tiny bikinis and Santa Claus hats to greet him. And Cliff, being the benevolent soul that he is had a Christmas present for each one of his lovelies. Then on December 27, just in time to save Cliff (the girls showing no mercy), two “newbies” arrived. They had no idea how fortunate they were to be here that week and benefit from the tutelage of Grand Master Cliff. And after they settled in, Jerome arrived. He, in the past, earned the nickname from the girls of Senor Smiley, because of his fun and easy going character. But he is always looking for excursions outside the villas on anything with a motor and wheels. Jeep safaris, ATV 4 wheelers on the beach, go karts. If it rolls, he wants to mount it.. So all the girls gave him a new nickname, HOTWHEELS.

We had 16 girls at the villas during New Years Week and STEALTH CHRIS had quietly done 8 in his first 24 -36 hours. In a late afternoon discussion out at the garden bar with the others, Chris said that he had earned a huge amount of respect for Bomba and his record setting 12 throws in 24 hours. And Chris here this week, was being coached by Cliff. Enough said.

The girls kept everyone busy that week, but there was still plenty of time for boys to just kick back and relax. And there was plenty of football watched on the solarium’s wall mounted flat screen TV. There were college bowl games, the beginning of the NFL playoffs, cold beers, guacamole dip, chips, and pico de gallo sauce. Steve, who is from the NYC area, works next to the New York Jets training facilities, and is of course a big Jets fan. So he suffered as we watched his Jets eliminated by the Miami Dolphins. (Note: Our villas cable receives all of the New York TV stations). Well, don’t worry, Steve. The Jets will be right back in the hunt next season, and will probably be playing in the next Super Bowl. If you don’t believe it, just listen to coach Rex Ryan. LOL.

New Year’s was a blast. We had reserved the VIP section on the rooftop terrace of the new beach club called OJOs. The “Red Bull boats” that came to the table with Stolichnaya vodka, Buckets of ice, and plenty of Red Bulls kept the party moving. And at midnight the whole beach was lit up by an impressive fireworks display out over the moonlit ocean and some daring female fire dancers twirling cans of incendiary liquid in arcs around their bodies and heads. We have the videos and will be putting them here online to see. The party did not end until the wee hours of the New Year.

After one day to recover, Steven, Jerome, and Chris left for the airport and their flight back home just as Brad (Lunch Box) was arriving. And fortunately for Brad, Cliff had decide to pull a “Rum Reserve” trick and stay an extra couple of days beyond his planned departure. One more “newbie” to be helped by Cliff in his orientation to villas life.

Brad, who is a big guy, was humped into submission by the girls in the days that followed. He said that their bouncing up and down on him (yes they are all small but have plenty of energy) had exacerbated an old football injury and his back was giving out on him. So he opted out a day early and flew home to Colorado for some R and R. LOL He says that next time he will be prepared with plenty of rest BEFORE his trip, vitamins, and some physical conditioning,

We have a brief hiatus here at the villas before our next guests arrive here in January. That is why Indiana and I are “down east’ here in Cabrera for a couple of days to check up on the fishing and some other things. But the months of February and March are looking very busy with plenty of guests, and some very special events coming up. Super Bowl Week (February 5), Valentines Week (February 14), and Carnaval Week (February 22 to 28) are all just around the corner. And St. Patrick’s Day with the beach parade and celebrations at Jose O’Shays Irish Pub on the beach are on March 12. We hope to see you down here to soon.

Cheers, Magnum

On the beach at Cabrera Cove.
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