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I had to laugh at a Email that I received this morning. BRYAN said " Well Magnum, I just arrived here in Punta Cana. I am here at my all inclusive resort. Can you send your van and driver over tomorrow to pick me up ? I want to spend 3 to 4 days at the villas.. "

Very funny . Punta Cana is at least a 6 hour drive from our villas near Sosua. It takes les time to travel ( albeit by air) from New York to our villas than from Punta Cana to our villas. ( not far from Puerto Plata ) .. This is a BIG island ! And it is really like 3 islands.

Zone 1 ) The North Coast consists of Puerto Plata , Sosua, Cabartete, Rio San Juan, and Samana. The whole north coast is a underdeveloped , beautiful,
Mecca for sportsmen . Waterfalls, rivers, beaches, mountains, forests. Great for adventure excursions. And this zone has been virtually neglected by the government for tourism development. Not good for the local population needing jobs. But ample opportunity for foreign investment.

Zone 2) Punta Cana and Bavarro. This is the "favorite son" of the DR government for tourism development . It has the largest airport in the DR with the most flights. The biggest "all inclusive resorts are here, and they discourage tourists from venturing outside their resort gates. To make sure that they get ALL of the tourist dollars. Good for the big resorts and their bottom lines but bad for the local Dominicans. . These big resorts are invested heavily in and supported by the big politicians and lawmakers in Santo Domingo. . You can be sure that your vacation in Punta Cana will be at a 4 star resort catering to US tourist standards. But it will be BORING and EXPENSIVE. When you tell your friends that you vacationed in the Dominican Republic 90% will say . Oh yeah, Punta Cana. Punta Cana is to the DR what Cancun is to Mexico , San Juan is to Puerto Rico , or Orlando is to the rest of Florida. Not really relevant to the local culture.

Zone 3 ) The South Coast . Santo Domingo , Boca Chica, and Juan Dolio. Big airport, cheap airfares, but a lot of traffic, crowded and trashy beaches, and dangerous if you venture off the main streets. This area is what DR
tourism USED to be . . If you are looking for BARGAIN BASEMENT vacations at really cheap prices ( but no quality) and not much else then this is the area for you.

So. One big island ( roughly the size of Florida - a pretty big state ) and 3 different zones that are like 3 entirely different islands. The island is so large , with a population of 30 million that the people are quite diverse and interesting. . And there are some "quirks" about the local culture that make it even more interesting. Interesting island, interesting population, plenty to do, and with a population of some very interesting and beautiful women.

The months ahead during the autumn , September, October , and November offer cheap airlines tickets to all zones, great deals at small resorts like ours, and perfect weather for any number of NORTH SHORE ADVENTURES.

So come on down and join us. Come before the winter holiday rush , the higher winter prices, and full resorts.

" Come and see our new villas beachfront project as we begin construction soon. There are a few directors positions still available. "
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Any person who is a director, please contact me through a pm. Thanks, GreenMan :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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