December, 2011

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December, 2011

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The Wild Island Times
December 2011
by Magnum Wild

Bahia de Plata (DR) Beachfront Villas


Whew! This is the first of December and I am just beginning to feel normal. I realize that "normal" is a relative term. But the Halloween Week festivities and the Thanksgiving Week activities really put a "hurting" on me. Now I believe that it may be possible to have too much fun. Then again, maybe not. Thinking back to October , Winn was the first to arrive (from London) on October 24 when the Halloween Week really started. This was his 2nd trip in only 3 months. He is just south of 70 years old and he was here in August at the same time as Rum Reserve ( a 28 year old fireman working in Iraq). Much to my surprise, Winn was able to keep up with Rum Reserve. He was drinking shots of tequila, dancing until 3 AM at the beach clubs, and partying with all the girls during the afternoon Pardee Hours, and leaving no one out (Winn says that he is an equal opportunity shagger when he is here at the villas). And although he may look his age, he certainly does not act his age. RR got a laugh when we were talking about Winn and I said, "He is a good example ofwhat I have always believed . That you are only as old as the women you feel." He provided us with some of our best laughs in 2 weeks.. On this trip he brought 3 "strap ons" and he was in the garden next to the pool one afternoon having drinks with 6 girls when he decided to take them out and show the girls. What a hoot! All of the girls , laughing, tried them on and played chase around the garden. Then Raisa strapped on a big, fat, 12 incher and went into the kitchen where Ada, our cook, was preparing lunch. Raisa sneaked up behind Ada and nudged her in the back with the giant "way-bo". Ada turned to see what was there and when she saw it she screamed and fled. The chase was on. With Ada running for her life out of the villa and around the pool. Everyone died laughing. This was just the beginning of a fun week.

I was thinking about who the other guests were here that week. I think that Richard from Houston was here, and also Woodeye from Canada were here for the first days after Winn arrived. . But it is still a little fuzzy. After Richard and Woodeye left it was a steady inflow of guests for Halloween Week. Pica and Puma (coming in from Afghanistan) arrived on the 27th. Then Bomba (firelt) arrived from Florida, and RagTop arrived on the 28th form St Louis (still flying high from his Cardinals winning the World Series). Then Neil (Neo to the girls ) arrived wanting to sneak in a round of golf at Playa Grande.But he did not have any idea what he was walking into that week. The girls treated all the arriving guests as though they were true celebrities. The plans were set. Eight guests in 2 beachfront villas and 24 girls all ready to party. There were two reservations ( Steven B. and Jeff) that canceled at the last minute. And they had no idea what they were going to miss. It was , without a doubt, the best Halloween in 11 years at the MWV Villas. Everything was over the top. The girls competed for the sexiest and most provocative costume. Karina won it dressed as a Playboy Bunny with bunny ears, g-string bikini, high heels, and not much else. The prize was a new Blackberry Touch phone. The other girls dressed as sexy witches, little cats, devils,and a sexy long legged police woman in a mini skirt and open blouse who handed out tickets for "lewd conduct", "indecent exposure", and "soliciting a PARDEE" . Also contributing to the fun were Little Red Riding Hood, Avatar, and the indian princess "Poke-A-Hon 2 ". The boys were dressed as Dr. Feel Good, Captain "Big Butt" Morgan the Pirate, Brave Heart (wearing nothing under his kilt), Pop Eye The Sailor, and a Horny Viking with big horned helmet, breast plate, big sword, boots, no pants and a strap on. Bomba was Captain Ring Toss with blue T shirt (R), blue tights, red shorts, and a strp on with 6 plastic rings that the girls would throw to win "ringers" that paid 100 pesos for each ringer. There was a real bartender (Ronnie) in black pants , white shirt and bow tie. And a sexy bar maid. They both said "No empty glass will be left unfilled". I think that may have contributed to the total state of inebriation and totally crazy fun.The PATRON flowed and there were body shots done on all of the girls after the costumes came off at the end of the formal party.Puma was in charge of making sure that each girl had salt on her nipples, a slice of lime in her mouth, and a shot glass in her crotch. Cliff said that "No toto will be left behind." Winn (appropriately) won the prize for best male costume as the Horny Viking. You had to see it to believe it. Hilarious. The horny viking from Wales. I told some of the guests that had not been to Margarita Island about one Halloween Week there doing "butt shots". But most of the guests were too busy to listen. We will have to leave that one for another party.


The parties during Halloween Week were over the top. But the excursions were also the bomb. The ATV excursions to "J. Buffet's Lost Beach Bar" to eat shrimp, lobster, and fish and drink cold beers and coco locos. The jeep safari to Playa Grande and Rio San Juan to stay overnight in the old French lady's hotel. We rented all of the rooms on the second floor terrace and had a great afternoon cocktail party with a superb viw overlooking the blue caribbean below. The for dinner we went out to eat outrageously good food at Esmerald's Island Restaurant (giant freshwater prawns, and fried red snapper). Then it was back to the hotel for a swim on the almost private beach that night (clothes optional).next to the hotel. We also made a couple of excursions to the casino that week and one night was a real "noche de suerte" where evryone in our group (16) was a winner.


When the Halloween crowd cleared out and November rolled around we saw the arrival of "Shoeless" Doctor Joe , Big Ryan (did you really play football for Notre Dame?), Super Per from Norway, Joe from Canada, J.J. from England ( a race car mechanic), and also our intrepid couple from England ( David and Jules). And our Palm Beach millionaire Jeffrey (who fell in love with Chloe- Avatar). EverFun was had by all, y single one of our guests for a period of two months was a "character" in his own right. And I have to say that the months of October and November were a couple of the most memorable months in our 11 year MWV villa history. Fun was had by all, friendships were forged, and villas records were broken. There was Bomba with his 12 throw downs in 24 hours, breaking Nuclear Roy's 5 year standing record of 9 throw downs (with McClane and Jahira). Then Shoeless Doctor Joe did 9 consecutive nights of "beach clubbing" , surpassing the record held by RagTop and Rum Reserve ( 6 consecutive nights hitting the beach clubs until the we hours). There were certainly memories made to last a lifetime. Excuse me for "waxing poetic" but these have been two great months.

And we are looking forward to the New Year. The moveable feast continues....

Happy Holidays.

Magnum Wilde and All Of The Girls Here At The Beach Villas

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