October 2006

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October 2006

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What? It's October already? We are making the arrangements for our annual Halloween bash. You know, in my travels, the three best Halloween parties that I have ever experienced were Key West Fantasy Fest , Halifax, Nova Scotia on a trip to buy swordfish, and Halloween here at the MWV Villas on Margarita Island. We always seem to put together the best parties for the holidays.

I am just finishing up here in the villas' open air kitchen after helping Jorley, our cook prepare a "killer" octopus salad. The girls all claim that it is the best natural viagra that you can eat. Daniella and Lizette have already had two helpings before I can even put it into the fridge to let it maranate in the lime juice. I don't know. They said the same thing about "Chef Raul's" Jalapeno Giant Prawns, my cracked conch, and Dan's Garlic Grilled Wahoo. When me and some of the guests or Raymond take over the kitchen from Jorley we usually call it "Kaos In The Kitchen". But the results are always a gastronomic wonder. I like to cook, and some of the best dinners that I have had anywhere were right here at the villas. And when the guests share some of their recipes it makes it even better.
Well, let me get on with some of the villas' news. Going back to say a little about August and September....August was birthday month. Rollie and Craig came to celebrate Rollie's big number 50. Both of them charmed the girls as usual and were charmed in return. They partied hearty in their own special style. Craig in his Boston Red Sox cap, and both with a beer and a shot of scotch in one hand , and Michelle or Milagro in the other. How many visits is it boys? I think it's number 7. There is no place like the villas , would you say?

Billy "Big Dog" arrived in August to celebrtae his birthday. Truly a class act. He came with a buddy from California, Sunny "Toes On the Nose" Garcia Paradise. Sunny is a native Hawaiian who made his way to California because of his work, but has found a new "paradise" here in Margarita. We all went out for Billy's birthday dinner to a seaside restaurant and a table for 12. But the seats of honor belonged to Big Dog Billy and the other one to Brian, a special bud who could not make the trip. After dinner we all climbed into the Mercedes van for the trip back to the villas and a special party for Billy at the villas with a percussion band, dancing, and partying until the wee hours. The PATRON tequila tasted extra smooth and the girls all table danced for Big Dog after sampling his birthday cake.

Billy brought a special gift for the girls and guests at the villas. A laptop computer to check Email and news from back home. And we finally hooked up our Wi-Fi wireless internet for all of the villas. There is nothing like checking your Email out on the patio next to the pool.
Ron "El Corazon" arrived to celebrate his birthday on his third visit to the villas this year. Man, talking about well traveled. He was squeezing in this trip between one to Peru to visit a girlfriend, and another one to China. But he made time for a couple of special fishing trips here on Margarita Island, and has the photos to prove it. Nice catches, Ron. That big grouper put up one hell of a fight.

What are the chances of two new guests from the same town on the west coast arriving and spending the same week at the villas? Well, it happened. They found out that they live only blocks from each other in California. Joe was here to celebrate his birthday and David was here "just to check it out and make sure that there really is such a place as MWV". Both will be back soon, but on different weeks next time. Jeremy was here from England also. He spent just enough time here to fall in love. We won't tell you her name. Twenty eight girls have been engaged OR married at the villas.

And where does the North American owner of a bar and restaurant in Cancun, Mexico go to relax and enjoy his vacation? Here at the villas, of course. Richard came in September for his second visit in 3 months and says he will be back before the end of the year. That is if Sabrina is here! I'll see you at Hemingway's, Rich. Just don't break off the urinal and take it home as a souvenir! I think that our "return guests" are near 60 % this year, and that is a true figure, not some bunk invented after a couple of months in business to promote vacation packages.

Well, the planning for the Halloween Party (or should I say party week) is moving right along. The costumes have been bought for some of the girls and the liquor and food list has been completed. Decorations for the bar will be bought this week. Last Halloween we consumed 10 cases of beer (360 beers) and unknown quantities of liquor from the bar. This week will also be an Ocktoberfest island style. October and November are always my favorite months here in Margaritaville.

Well, it's time for me to shower and change. We are on our way to shoot some pool and then have a few drinks at the local Hooters. The girls that we take with us put those hooters girls to shame. Come on down and visit us when you can take some time off.

See ya.

From the Villas,
Magnum Wilde