June 2006

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June 2006

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Hi All, It’s been a while since our last update but we’ve had so many things going on it has been difficult to keep you up on the news. For example in just the last week here at the villas…..

Josef (from Chicago) declared himself a lesbiano as soon as he arrived at the villas. He said he just can't eat enough cuca to satisfy his appetite (the girls love it).

Then there is Wild Bill from Tampa (his 4th trip in 6 months) who did a 2 for 1 with Suzy and Mari Carmen last time and woke up the next morning with 2 pierced ears, and he doesn’t remember how it happened.....He and both the girls were in love and they were otherwise "Occupied" until after 4 PM the next day.

Bill told Josef about it who then decided he was going to do a 2 for 1 every day that he was here, He says it will take him 3 months to recover...

Father Esteban (Steve) who was here for our Halloween Blow Out last Halloween returned to help stir things up and Bernardo, an impresario/ artist from Los Angeles who speaks Spanish was here.

Bernardo now holds the record for the fastest adjustment period to the villas. In 10 minutes he was in the room with Adriana. He hadn't even met all the other guests.... Not bad for a 64 year old with a pony tail down to his culo!!!

Jim, from Iowa, made a stop over to visit with us on the way to check on his 3500 acre farm in Brazil….

Len from Canada fell in love with Carolina… What a surprise! But no wedding bells.....That was last week.

Rina married Dana from California (30 years her senior) in a beautiful sunset ceremony at Isla Bonita Golf and Beach Club. She is girl number 3 to be married here at the villas in the last 90 days and number 27 from the villas to be engaged or married in three years. .. And we don't even have a matrimonial agency. I guess the environment here at the villas just lends itself to love and romance (and a few wild parties every now and then).

The week before last was the Buck and Rodney show..... Four CEOs from Texas and Denver who turned the villas upside down for a week with Parties, Fun, and Friendship…… Everyone cried when they left.
Can you imagine 10 girls on our Oceanfront terrace crying their eyes out when these guys got into the van for the trip to the airport? ...Calling ….Ciao…… Hasta pronto…… We will see you back here soon.... What a sight...!

All of this AND the Construction of our 9 New Luxury Apartments started this week….. What a month.

Well, got to go. The van is leaving for the casino in 15 minutes and I am still in my swim trunks, sunburned and a little "Toasted"…... But that's island life for you…..

Magnum Wild
Just another day in Paradise…..