November 2005

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November 2005

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November 2005

I seldom sleep late. But I did this morning.

It is 10 AM and I am just falling out of bed to find some coffee. My lovely cinnamon skinned "other half" hasn't moved and looks like she will sleep until this afternoon. When I make my way out to the palm thatched breakfast area next to the pool I find that I am the first person, other than employees, that is up at this hour. Everyone is still sleeping in after the Halloween bash last night. What a hoot. Every one of the girls at the party was dressed in a costume sexier than the next one. There were Vanessa, Gina, Angelica, Karly, Anna, Carmina, Ali, and also at the villas were Nowell (hell of name for a beautiful women, no), Joanne, and Nicole (down boys). Also seen at the party were "Butthead John", Father Esteban from the Chicago Diocese, Raymundo "The Flaming Scott", Neal "Diamond", the "Less Than Incredible Hulk", and "The Machete" (named by the girls for a certain part of his anatomy) Chaka Nui.

Halloween was fun, but the whole month of October seemed to be just as much fun. Barry was here for the only relatively quiet week of the month, which was just fine with him. Then all hell broke loose when the "Beach Gator" showed up, and afterwards "Chaka Nui" (an ex ranger) on a mission to knock the bottom out. John gave "snorkeling" lessons to the girls in the pool. Dave and I were challenged to an extended game of nude volleyball against the chicas. Dave repeatedly hit the ball out of the pool and onto the terrace to enjoy watching which naked girl would retrieve it. The time outs for the conferences with the girls between sets were "stimulating". John gave a cooking class to the girls, and we all enjoyed fresh grouper ceviche, baked snook supreme, and grilled salted giant prawns that were the size of small lobsters.

One of our October guests came to the villas with the idea of going deep sea fishing 2 or 3 times with our preferred boat captain Alejandro and his 38 foot BlackFin. But after 2 days at the villas he just wanted to troll a hard mullet in the pool in search of another kind of catch. Chaka Nui told him to remember to don't fall in love. The name of the game is "catch and release". Change every day.

Well It’s Finally Complete.... The renovation of all rooms into suites with private baths was completed before the end of October and just in time for our rush of guests coming in for the Halloween festivities. Kudos to Raymond, and the construction crew for a job well done. Now all of our suites have private baths and other amenities.

Well, it's about time for a swim. The ocean out in front of the villas today is calm, Gin clear, and has an aquamarine color that no artist could ever paint on a canvas. Perfect day for a dip. Where is my brown eyed girl? We hope to see you all here soon in our "little slice of paradise".

Magnum Wild

Going for a swim in front of the MWV villas and just chillin.