Newsletter #4 - September 2004

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Newsletter #4 - September 2004

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MyWildVacation Newsletter
August 2004

Welcome to another in our continuing series of informal newsletters about the events and issues surrounding our villa, the girls, the web site etc…


I like the early mornings sitting here on the front terrace of the villas, overlooking the blue Caribbean, and sipping on a large mug of aromatic South American java. Mirelys and the other employees haven't arrived yet to prepare breakfast and begin the day. Ray is usually up at 6 AM to fix coffee or sometimes it's H.P.(guest emeritus) who lets himself in the front gate after his early morning walk on the beach . This is a nice quiet time to enjoy my coffee, listen to the soothing sound of the ocean, and reflect on the good times here at the resort in the past two months.

Repeat guests Roger, Rod, and Roy made July a month of fun here at the villas. Rogito's (the girls' nickname for Roger) arrival and departure were like something out of a movie, with all of the girls crying at his departure and leaning over the front porch wall blowing him kisses, and saying "te quiero, Rogito!"

The girls started a new farewell party for departing guests with Rod and Roger. They were handcuffed to the tiki hut bar, kissed farewell, and then spanked with a bullwhip for "being bad boys". All in fun. Wow, what a sendoff, girls!

Then August blew in the "Wild Bunch". Tony, Doc Holiday, the "Crunchy Crunchy" brothers Steve and Gene, and Don and J.P. What a week. Tequila parties, new girls, drum bands, pool parties till dawn, and the PUTOS (manwhores- the girls just couldn't get enough of you guys).

The end of August is turning out to be almost as much fun with the "double Ricks" (world class muff divers according to accounts by the girls), And then, the arrival of the "bikers" from Denver. Sturgis, South Dakota one week, and Wild Vacation Margarita Island the next. Whew, talk about a culture shock. The common denominator is the party, and the women. Party on, boys and girls. There'll be lots of skinny dipping in the pool at midnight this week and bottle dancing if the tequila and black jack don't run out.

The awards for this month go to "Nuclear Roy" for the best use of a 2 for 1. Nine times in 24 hours! That's a resort record. And he swears it was without Viagra or Cialis. Yeah, right Roy.

David (Hugh G) wins the most "popular guest award" with the girls because he took such good care of them. Thanks David, for being such a good guest.

Dave "The Beach Gator" couldn't find any trophy snook or tarpon on his fishing trip, but Maria said he wasn't using the best bait and kept trying to pull that big mullet out of his shorts. She says if you want to catch trophy fish you gotta use good bait.

Doc Holiday said that he was going to check himself into a clinic when he got home so he could recover from his week at the Wild Vacation Villas. I'll bet he didn't sleep 6 hours the whole week. He says Buck really got a workout this week. Talk about a "busman's holiday". The guy is a gynecologist!

Roger wins "Best Romantic" for his memorable departure and it's effect on the girls.

Rod wins the "Wild Man With Class" award for his lasting impression at the villas.

Andreina, and Mari Carmen left early to return to Caracas for a photo shoot. Angel also had a modeling commitment. Even with their absence the talent pool is still looking beautiful. It's getting better all the time.

Well, that's about it for today. The reservations for September and October are filling up fast, so if you guys out there are considering coming down for a visit, call or Email us. Hope to see you here soon for a some fun and relaxation in our "little slice of paradise".

Time for a refill on my coffee. It looks like another beautiful day here on the beach.


News from the Site

We are finishing the members area at the moment. When finished, the members area will have the following features:

    The ability to upload your vacation photos to the members only gallery
    2.) A private part of the BBS for you to exchange information and comments with other members
    3.) A members only specials page where we hope to present quarterly specials

We will also be making the following changes to the site to make it easier to navigate through:

1.) The menu on the pages will be removed and replaced with a site broken into four sections
a. About MyWIldVacations
i. About us
ii. The villa
iii. The Girls
iv. FAQ
v. A day in the life
vi. Newsletter Archive
vii. Newsletter subscribe / unsubscribe page
viii. General BBS
b. Photos and Profiles
i. Companion Profiles
ii. Girl of The Month Page
iii. Gallery
c. Booking your vacation
i. How to make a reservation
ii. Contact Us Form (General)
iii. Reservation Information Form (Date Availability Confirmation)
iv. Reservation Confirmation Form (Fill This in once you have your airline info)
v. Each step will be accompanied with specific instructions on how to proceed and links to helpful pages including airlines, exchange rates, etc…
d. Members Area
i. Members Photo Gallery
ii. Members Photo Upload Area
iii. Members BBS Pages
iv. Members Specials Pages

We are also hard at work to bring you some new information about the island and what you can do while you are there. Over the past few weeks we have been hunting down all of the information on adventures and activities available to our guests including: Golf, Diving, Fishing, Boat and City tours, Angle Falls day and overnight trips, Jetski, Ultralite Flights, surfing… and anything else we can come up with.

You’ll notice the changes to the website start gradually over the next 2 to 4 weeks. We expect to have everything in place by mid September.

About members sections:

Once the members section is fully up and running, we will begin by accepting past and future guests for the first little while. This will give us a chance to see how things operate with minimal interruptions. 12 month Membership will be granted to anyone who has either visited us, or who has paid a deposit on a future trip. We will begin accepting “Friend of the Islandâ€