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Going Forward

Postby magnum » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:44 pm

Saludos mi hermanos (greetings my brothers)
I am reaching out to you who have supported the villa since Magnum’ passing to clear up some rumors and to let you know what we are going to try for the near to intermediate future. First, yes, we have been well aware of the rumors being passed around by a former visitor saying we are closed or that our vacation experience was not up to par with the “good old days” when Magnum was in charge. Well, we are still here and as far as what the experience is like here you will have to be the judge.
Another rumor going around is that Indiana will be going to jail or that Indiana is retiring. The first is absolutely untrue. Indiana was acquitted of the false charges the F****a and others told the local authorities. The second rumor, however, is true. Indiana is retiring and moved to the States at the end of August. I made a trip down to be Frostyh38’s wingman for his birthday at the end of July and to talk to Indiana about the villa’s future. Also, I we just opened the villa for Ger*** and Jer*** for 9 days. Jer left day before yesterday and Ger*** the day before that. Both times I opened the villa it went great, and I think the guys had a great time too.
Before I continue with what I am going to try to do for you going forward I want to give you a little update on the environment around Sosua – just Sosua – not the entire Puerto Plata province.
While down there at the end of July, two villas were raided and a couple that used to run a place similar to Black Beard’s were sentenced to a year and half each. I want to reiterate, though, this is just in Sosua because what the mayor is trying to do is get Dominican federal money. What is going to happen though is these actions are going to backfire on her and it will basically drive all the tourism dollars out to other places. Now that I have a couple of villa openings under my belt and I have had a couple of months to think about it … let’s go forward.
This is what Indian and I discussed what I should try to do going forward:
• Indiana has given me all her contact numbers for the operations of the villa (e.g., Joel, Aridia, and Mara). I also have the contact information for the villa we have used in the past as well as some contact information for villa that I have cultivated myself on my thirty plus visits to the Cabarete area. I have the contact information for the more popular excursions such as the ATV excursion and fishing trips. Most importantly, I have the contact information for most of the current ladies as well as some blasts from the past. Operationally, we are set.
• I will open the villa when I have reservations for two or more guests. The two guests need to have stays of at least 5 days and 4 nights. If you want a 4 day and 3 night package I need to pair you up with someone staying at least 6 days and 5 nights. I cannot do single person reservations for now.
• Also, since we no longer have a permant location for now, my ability to find a suitable villa may take a little longer. This may mean that I need to have more time to plan and will need to receive deposits for trips sooner.
I want to get the villa back to the way Magnum ran the place and I will be there (either staying at the villa or off campus but there at the villa during the day) to take care of everyone’s needs and wishes. I have had a lot of feedback from the staff and girls and they seemed to be really happy with the way I ran things (I loosened up a few of the rules for the girls – for instance, they can drink beer but they have to finish the beer and not leave it half full bottle. If they do, they have to pay me for the beer [laughing …. This got quite a reaction from the ladies]. This worked like a charm. Girls still can’t get stupid drunk though.)
This is just an overview of what I have planned in the short and intermediate term. I hope you will give me a chance to get the villa back on its feet.
PS: Stay horny my friend – yes, I was the guy that came up with that at the villa years ago.
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