December / January 2005

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December / January 2005

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December 2004 / January 2005

The rainy and cool weather of December (cool by tropical standards) finally gave way to morecharacteristic Margarita Island weather in January.
That is to say warm, sunny, and breezy. Fantastic weather for our villa guests arriving to help us bring in the New Year with a bang. The number of January guests surpassed even our wildest (pardon the pun) expectations. What a fantastic start to the new year!
And what great guests. I would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for being such outstanding wild vacationers. It seems like at least 1 or 2 guests a day would pull me aside to make some comment about how they enjoyed their vacation here at the villas and
complement the selection of girls at the villas this month. But it is the quality of guests that we see here at the villas that makes it easier for us to bring in the most beautiful and attentative companions.

The month of January brought us many new guests, but equal numbers of repeat guests. The atmosphere at the villas feels like a special club or group of friends.
The diversity of backgrounds and life experiences among guests makes the atmosphere here unique. But everyone here shares the common bond of an appreciation for beautiful women and exciting new adventures.

January heralded the inauguration of our new palm roofed CHURUATA bar and dining area (also party area).
And the new jacuzzi and waterfall garden grotto were opened for the enjoyment of the girls and guests. I think that the capacity of the jacuzzi is 9 beautiful women, 3 guests, and 4 bottles of wine or champagne.
It is best experienced at night with a full tropical moon, or with no moon and the lights off to sit back and watch the star filled Caribbean skies for passing satellites or falling stars.

The addition of our third oceanfront villa has allowed us to accept up to ten guests per week in style and comfort. And we reached those numbers for a couple of weeks in January. We had return guests Chaka Nui, Doc Holiday, Rogito, Tony, Dan the Marathon Man, Craig, Rollie, Coach Greg and Charlie and new friends Russ and Terry. They all broke records with numerous 2 for 1s, and Coach Greg, Charlie, and yours truly all
experienced our first 3 for 1! What does a 50 year old guy do with three beautiful women for 24 hours? Take lots of Viagra, and have the time of his life. Doctor Will was here again and finally met his match with Annia (the Louisville Slugger). Charles, the heartbreaker, didn't quite know how to say goodbye at the end of the week. All of the girls cried. But in
spanish you can just say "Hasta Luego"- until next time.
Doc Holiday was here on his 5th visit to continue his medical research with the girls as willing participants in his studies (see the bulletin board).
Doc, Tony, and Rogito partied hard and took turns retrieving beers poolside for each other and their girls. Hey Tony, are you ready for another beer?

Chaka Nui enjoyed the pleasure of some new cosmetically enhanced tatas that someone else paid for, for a change. Sorry big guy, I just had to get that one in!

New guest Jesse was relaxed and fit right in, and in less than a New York minute. He learned to slow it way down, and the girls all appreciated that. They are all looking forward to his next return visit.

News about the girls...... Beba and Marla are back. Rollie and Craig were grateful, and almost dead after days of 4 and 5 times a day! Crunchy, crunchy and more crunchy, crunchy! Mari Angel returned to bring some beautiful intrigue back to the villas. Down boys. Others returning to grace us with their beauty were Thais, Maria, Maclane, Marie, Tanni, Argy, Laury, Abril, Millie, Celeste, Celie, and the all of the new girls. I think that Jack Rabbit was impressed.

Well that's about it for now from our little slice of paradise, or slice of heaven as Coach Greg likes to say. Hope that we see you here for Carnival in February, or for Semana Santa and all of the spring festivities in March. I feel a siesta coming on. Who is that in my hammock?

Magnum Wild
Beachfront in Margarita Island