September 2005

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September 2005

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September 2005

I went for a walk on the beach in front of the MWV villas this afternoon. It is August and the peak of the local summer tourist season.

I was overwhelmed by a visual sensory overload. It was just one of those days. There were beautiful Venezuelan, Colombian, and Brazilian women everywhere and they seemed to outnumber the men by 2 to 1 (hmmm, great lead in for a comment about a 2 for 1 at MWV). I was impressed by the fact that almost every one of these tanned beauties wore a "tanga" bikini with less cloth than you might find in a small handkerchief. Some do not bother to use tops, since the beaches here are topless.

The other thing that amazes me is that 20 something year old women will look at a 40 or 50 something year old man and flirt. I guess it is the European influence here that young women find older men "interesting". Another reason why I love it here. Especially the months of August and December for the "temporadas".

When I returned to the villas, Fari / our cook was just putting out two large plates of appetizers for Happy Hour, and Ray was manning the bar. The music was cranking up and some of the girls were in the pool playing volleyball with two of our guests and working up an appetite. Double entendre not intended but anyway.... It looks like there's a "parilla" barbeque for dinner tonight and a "Wild West" party afterward.

Raymond and I finally have a chance to sit down over a couple of rum and cokes and discuss the new plans for expansion and the acquisition of the vacant property next to the villas. The offer has been accepted and we have set a closing date, Ray tells me.

Good news! Now we be able to expand with the construction of 8 new luxury apartments. That will bring our total accommodations to 15 units with the completion of renovations on the existing villas. And I think that we will have the only private oceanfront club on the island. Ray says that we will close on the property and have architects begin the plans before the end of September.

It has been a very good month, with the expansion plans moving into place and the reservations list growing. Guests like Matt, John Smith, the 2 Mikes, Clay, Howard, Antonio, Paul, Ron, and others make it all worth while.

I am thinking that I'll take a swim before dinner and maybe have a little time for some "crunchy crunchy".

You know that I still can not recall which girl or girls coined the phrase "crunchy crunchy" to mean sexo, sexo. Even as that questions lingers in my head , I feel two soft little hands rub my back and someone whispers in my ear, " Ven, Poppi" "Quiero Crunchy, Crunchy". How did she know what I was thinking? Well, just another day here in paradise

Magnum Wild

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