THE WILD ISLAND TIMES Newsletter May 14, 2016

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THE WILD ISLAND TIMES Newsletter May 14, 2016

Postby compwiz » Sun May 15, 2016 11:01 am

Birthday Month and Bomba Week


It is the month of May and it is a special month here at the villas. It is BIRTHDAY MONTH . And we are plenty busy. The month of May used to be a lazy slow month between winter and summer seasons, but not now. Also summer vacation is just around the corner. And July is looking like it will be one of the busier months this year. We have decided to "bump up" the Pirates Week celebrations from September to July. And include that in a month that will start with 4th of July celebrations and be a month full of special events.



But moving along to current news, today is May 14 and officially kicks off BOMBA WEEK here at the villas. With special guests PICA, PROFMAN , BOMBA , MAGIC MAN , and OREOS ( was supposed to be here but had to fly home for a family emergency - all the best to you OREOS ). Last week we started Birthday Month with DON CANGREJO ( a nickname from the girls - I think it has something to do with a Sponge Bob character). He has been a big frequent traveler to the Phillipines ( and I mean really big ) for years, and he has finally "discovered" us here at the MWV villas. He told me he had been to other "resorts" in the DR but none can compare to us. He would have been here long ago if he only knew about us . Gee. I think I have heard that before. He said now he can make two trips to MWV for what it cost him to go to the Phillipines. for one trip. Welcome to the brotherhood, Tabasco !


Last week we also welcomed NEWK here to the villas. A newbee for sure. And with one of the worst cases of "deer in the headlights" that I have ever seen. i think that it did not help that he was only 27 years old, and has spent the better part of his last 6 years on a nuclear attack submarine. But Bomba and I helped him put his priorities in order. And by the time he left the villas he was a seasoned veteran. A life changing experience. LOL


In the last few weeks we have had many distinguished guests. Including MARCO and his friend DANIELITO from Nebraska ( names modified to protect the innocent ). They both wanted to do 6 PARDEES a day and do as many excursions as possible - being from Nebraska ......). They did ATV 4 wheelers on the beach to WILSON'S castaways bar and restaurant, they did white water rafting in the mountains at Jarabacoa (level 3 ), and they went deep sea fishing on our friend's 52 ft Hatters out of Sosua Bay. . They brought back enough Dorado ( mahi mahi) and Wahoo ( ono) to stock our villas freezors with fresh fish for the grill.


Also in the past couple of weeks we have welcomed WOODEYE ( who falls in love EVERYDAY here at the villas) and another 60 year old, HOT WHEELS PETER ( a auto designer). I have to say that any 30 year old guest here at the villas would be hard pressed to keep up with those two SEXTOGENERIANS ! Wow. They really appreciated the emphasis that Indiana has exercised in the past two months to find and invite "new talent" to our villas. Our MAY GIRL OF THE MONTH (Mel) is a prime example.



Well. It is time for me to go into the kitcken to help Carmen our cook prepare for our seafood cook out today. Octopus vinagrette, whole heads on prawns soaked in brine for the grill, and garlic wahoo on the grill . Also BOMBA'S famous dirty martinis, margaritas, and some kind of new conconcotion involving RUM CHATA.


Tonight we expect to initiate ANEW the stripper pole on the ocean view terrace upstairs with a special presentation of the BOMBA PLAQUE again to celebrate the brotherhood of the TUBO (pole). As Captain Clitt says , "Stay horney my friends ". Hey. I almost forgot that next Sunday is the celebration of Mothers Day here in the DR. For all of the beautiful single mothers. FELIZ DIA DE MAMACITAS.


It's about time for another frozen Margarita while we wait for the charcoal to fire up on the grill.


CHEERS, Magnum Wilde

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