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July "B"dayntrip

Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:22 pm

Vet's and rookies to MWV,
I'm planning my yearly Birthday trip to MWV.
Right now I'm planning for the last full week in July (22nd -28th).
Who will join me?


Re: July "B"dayntrip

Sat May 05, 2018 1:09 am

Hi Frosty,

Sadly, I will be in Germany :cry:

Based on our silent board, it appears you will be celebrating your birthday solo with a number of chicas :P

No worries, my last two trips were solo...I had a problems with my solo trip - July 2017 - girls disappearing and swimming in the pool wondering where everyone was. These problems were resolved with my last solo visit - January 2018 :)

My advice: Bring enough dinero to keep 5-6 chicas happy with excursions and many pardees each day...The chicas get grumpy when they don't make a profit...When the chicas are not happy, you will definitely will not be happy :?

PM for additional advice...

Good luck and have an amazing visit!

Re: July "B"dayntrip

Sat May 05, 2018 3:33 pm

Yeah, mntx66
I've been there twice solo.
I was able to live out my Hugh Hefner fantasy.
I always and maybe this will help rookies out too, I budget for about 22 total single parties.
And money for things to do, day trip, clubbing and little thing for the ladies to do.
I would try to do something outside of the villa every other day depending on how many want to go its would be about $200 - $300 (last time 8 chickas).
Depending on what we do.

It would be nice to have another guy to tell lies about how good I am in my parties. :lol:

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