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2018 St. Patricks day trip

Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:42 am

Where would one, especially an old brother pirate want to spend this holiday?
Yes of course, at the villa with a dozen beautiful chicas and a few brother pirates.

The Big-E and I along with newbie Mike had a great time with the lovely ladies over the holiday weekend.
If you get the chance definitely schedule a trip to the villa when the Big-E will be there.
It's always fun watching the newbie experience, first there is just shock that this type of place really exists.
On his second day we asked the newbie how things were going and he said "it's always getting better".

We spent St Patrick's day at Rocky's on the beach in Cabarete, watching the parade and enjoying the company of all of the chicas.

Whip cream night was entertaining to say the least.
Any opportunity to lick whip cream off of Annabell's amazing ..... "I will let you fill in the blank", is almost more than an old pirate can handle "almost".

It's time to get back to looking at the calendar to plan the next trip.
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