Recap ... September 6-15, 2015

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Recap ... September 6-15, 2015

Postby MrGrizBear » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:38 pm

So, I've done plenty of writing about past trips, and frankly, don't feel the need to do so much anymore. I'll answer questions when they come up, but it's time the new wave of guests that have asked lots of questions and then enjoyed their vacations, step up and contribute the new content :D

I've posted some pics in my personal photo gallery, you must be signed in to view ...
Pirates Month - September 2015
And the names of the chicas in the photos are listed in the comments for each picture.

I arrived on Sunday September 6 with Panda from Chicago ... Steve from Chicago was already at the villa.
Ian from England arrived the next day.

Brought a new gift for the chicas this trip ... selfie sticks ... and they were visible for the rest of the trip. :lol:
We took a trip to "Fun City" and the chicas raced around in the cars there one day ... (some driving while using their selfie sticks!)
Also a trip out to Wilson's for lunch one day ...
Saw the site of the new villa soon to be under construction ...
Started the trip at the Pirates Grotto, then moved over to the new Surf Rider Villa for the rest of the trip ...
And one night enjoyed a nice dinner out at Otra Costa with everyone ...

Profman arrived during my trip as did Elwood ...

Lots of chicas ... some known ... some new ...
Carmen, Yosie, Bebe, Claudia, Fatima, Carolina, Sanka, Maria, Loraina, Ellie, Karina, Chiela, Marciel and ********** ... I think that was everyone ...
Several Pardee hours each day

Departed the DR on Tuesday September 15 for the long trip back to the US West Coast.
Another great vacation. Just need to figure out when the schedule will allow for the next one.
Griz (aka: el Oso) 8)

"There are 2 theories to arguing with a woman ... neither works". - Will Rogers

Last Vacation at the Villa: Sunday, September 6th thru Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
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