Trip Report Feb 4th to 11th 2015

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Trip Report Feb 4th to 11th 2015

Postby Yan » Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:59 pm

Just a short public trip report this time.

A bit slow getting it on the board after my week in paradise Feb 4th to 11th.

There was the usual dream introduction parade of the scantily clad Chicas when I arrived at the villa about 3 in the afternoon.

Of course Joel collected me and arranged the usual collection of Vitamin C on the way to the villa; a different one to I had stayed at before. As usual the villa was right on the beach with a pool. The sun was out and the Chicas were HOT. What more could a man want?

There were a couple of guys already staying but it transpired that they were in another villa a short walk away. I learnt that some previous guests had insisted on their own place and as a result there were two villas in use and a scheduled move back to the Pirates Grotto later in the week! What the heck, it was all good for me and after a brief introduction to the guys at what I shall call Villa Two I was off to blow the cobwebs away with a great first pardee in the closest room we could find.

At the arrival parade I’d noticed there were a few Chicas I knew and some fantastic new editions. I set myself a personal target of trying all the new ones. That worked out fine over the next few days but I was of course distracted by Carmen and Michele. Who performed their usual magic at pardees and overnights.

I enjoy Carmen’s company so much that we went on a great day out whale watching. If you visit during the correct season do take a whale watching trip; it is fantastic and terrific value for money.

Well, all the usual debauchery occurred; naked pool party, body shots, girl sundae, pole dancing, striptease dancing, Tanga party, sex in my room, sex in the crow’s nest, sex on the patio, 2 for 1s, 5 for 1, sex and more sex!

Some guys left while I was there and others arrived. Without exception they were all great fun and added to the experience of a week in paradise.

We didn’t see much of Indiana as her son had been taken seriously ill and in hospital with appendix complications, Magnum also suffered some food poisoning. Carmen the cook officiated and the flow of beautiful Chicas continued uninterrupted.

The Chicas changed out a few times during my week but every new girl was fantastic and brought a new dimension to the house party.

During the week we went to the beach bars a couple of times and to Winston’s for some fresh fish. I’ve posted a few photos so all the readers can get an idea of how much fun we had and of course we ripped the a… out of the disco, the ratio of stunning girls to our male group numbers caused the usual envious looks from any red blooded heterosexual passing by.

Another fantastic week in paradise.

Now to plan my next trip!
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Re: Trip Report Feb 4th to 11th 2015

Postby crazzed » Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:22 pm

glad you had a great time.....thanks for posting the pictures
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Re: Trip Report Feb 4th to 11th 2015

Postby rtravis1979 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:29 pm

Great that you had a good time man thanks for the pics.....
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