Trip Report for Super Bowl Week Jan 31-Feb 6

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Trip Report for Super Bowl Week Jan 31-Feb 6

Postby bigj » Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:46 pm

Where to begin? I guess the first thing to note is that watching the Super Bowl at the Villa is a very good thing - I watched my Broncos get crushed last year, but having a strip-off at halftime took the edge off the game. This year, it was a great game, and the babydoll dance party at halftime simply enhanced the experience. Life is good.

I'm not one for going into great detail about pardee hours and overnights anyway, and this time I'll forgo even a listing of my various "conquests". Instead I'll note that this was my 5th trip to the Villa, and it occurred to me that each time the dynamic has been different. It reminds me of the notion of generals always preparing to fight the last war: not that there's any sort of conflict in the case of the Villa, just the same sort of general notion that the experience is different every time. And the good news is, that it's always good. :D

This particular visit had an interesting pair of offsetting influences - on the down side there were a couple of guests that were there during the first 2-3 days of my visit that were not team players. They made all manner of extra demands of Magnum and Indiana, including having their own villa and selection of chicas. The separate selection of chicas didn't really happen (not practical), but that aspect settled into an uneasy sort of equilibrium. Only time it was really an issue for me was the first night - one of the guys asked who I thought I'd choose for my overnight, and I told him. I asked who he was thinking, and he said he didn't know. And a couple of hours later, I told the chica of my choice that I'd like to choose her for the night, and she told me she was very sorry, but one of the guys in the other villa had chosen her already. Coincidence? Maybe, but the vibe I got from those guys was along the line of "tell us who the best chicas are so we can have them for ourselves." Forgive me for stating the obvious, but that's a pretty dickish attitude.

However, the pluses greatly outweighed those negatives. The other guy staying in the non-private villa with me was Tim, a first-timer who took to villa life like a fish to water. Tim was an excellent villa mate, and a great guy to hang out with. He was actually a bit like a kid in candy store (unlike me - yeah, sure... :lol: ), and I don't think I've ever been there with a guy who had so many 3-ways. Still, that was the point of his trip: his wife gave him the visit to the villa as a birthday gift, encouraging him to satisfy that 3-way fantasy. I'd say that's one lucky bastard. :D

Anyway, I was also struck by what a wonderful group of chicas Magnum and Indiana have assembled. Prior to each of my previous trips, I'd included a wish list of the chicas I'd especially enjoyed before. I realized that after this trip, that list is getting pretty long - there are a few of the ladies that I just don't connect with, and although I have my favorites, each of the ladies is really great to have around in their own unique way. There are several factors that play into an enjoyable visit to the villa, but a big one that I've noticed the last 2-3 times is that this group of ladies has fun together, and it makes for a great atmosphere in general.

Later in the week some other guys started arriving - great bunch of guys, but we didn't spend a lot of time hanging out together (staying in two separate villas makes that a little awkward). The one big combined event we had was a spontaneous naked pool party - on previous trips the only time those have ever happened was after a night at the disco, but this one materialized almost out of nowhere. I forget exactly what started it, but at one point one of the chicas removed her top. In order to try to get some momentum going I made a show of taking my shirt off, and before you know it, clothes were flying off and everybody was into the pool. Unfortunately the water was too cold to have much of a party (really guys, it was just the cold water causing, uh, shrinkage...), but it was still a fun thing, and having 8 mostly/totally naked women running around is a beautiful thing. All in all, a great trip - looking forward to my next one already.
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