A Different Re-View

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A Different Re-View

Postby PUSSYCAT » Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:53 pm

So...WOW. What an amazing trip. For reasons I expected and many others I did not. So I will do the best I can from the 23 degree weather I am currently in to recall the best vacation I have ever had.

First...Joel! What a relief to come off a flight and have such a calm and sweet soul there to greet you and bring you safely (through crazy roads) to the villa. I felt totally in good hands and safe my entire trip with Joel getting us safely to our destination and keeping an eye out for us.

Second...The WELCOME! What a treat to have everyone there to welcome us both guests and ladies to make us feel so special and welcome in such a BEAUTIFUL villa...what scenery!!! (pool, beach, girls!!! or and you gentlemen present weren't so bad yourselves :wink: )

Third...Accommodations were wonderful, always food or drink available, amazing coffee...TEQUILA!!!! just so comfortable.

Now I will just talk...I was not prepared for how truly beautiful these ladies are...the pictures don't even come close to doing justice to them. Their smiles and flirtatious glances are breathtaking. Each one with a special sweetness or sassyness...all just gorgeous. I had my first lapdance with ALL of them, yes, I am a lucky lady. Everyone was just having an amazing time, drinks, dancing, nakedness in the pool...even I (pretty shy actually) was swept away with the fun and got topless in the warm water!! :D

I got to live out some lifelong dreams thanks to Magnum...I went to Puerto Plata to Ocean World and swam with a dolphin! It was incredible! He arranged it all...Magnum is the bestest host...knows how to get you where you want to go whether it be ATV's on the beach, Ocean World, 27 waterfalls, fishing...he will make it happen. We were all set to go to the waterfalls when I had a bonehead accident and broke my foot...not only did he ensure I found a medical clinic...but knowing that I was so bummed I couldnt go hiking in the waterfalls he arranged something he knew was dear to me heart...THIS is what makes this man the supreme host. I am a lifelong St Louis Cardinal fan, my sons all play baseball, as does his...so we chat this up alot...well he took me to Sosua to what he called one of the better fields for youth baseball...wow, my kids are spoiled. He introduced me to the coach of Oscar Taveras, the 22 year old Cardinal native to the DR who passed away just weeks before. I got to talk to him...and hug this man who was still mourning the loss of this bright star. These kids played with used, poor equipment, rough field...were so excited when Magnum brought new baseballs to them. This coach gave me 2 jerseys to give to my sons, a gesture that brought tears to my eyes knowing that equipment is hard to come by there. Magnum had talked to me enough...knew me enough to take me somewhere that would be memorable to me specifically...and it was truly the coolest thing ever! My kids are over the moon for those jerseys and the hats we drove all over Sosua for LOL. Not all business owners will take the time to truly know their guests...and truly know what is important to them. Magnum...he pays attention.

I spent time on the sandy beaches in the warm ocean...thinking a lot about what a Paradise MWV is for so many reasons. You all know what I mean...the magic with the companions is icing on this multi layered cake!!! For me...I was so taken aback by the hospitality of everyone...the friends I made with the other guests and the great times we had at the French Restaurant by the water and The Lazy Dog happy hour...and finally my introduction to the stripper pole...Maria, Michelle, and Paula were amazing. The gentlemen present were awesome and I am so happy to have made new friends.

Many thanks to the folks that make it all happen...the cook, the housekeeper that helps with the your laundry and such...the gentlemen who take care of security...all top notch wonderful people.

So there you have it gents...A review, not a typical one, but an honest and heartfelt one. This place IS a Paradise...an escape...a place to recharge your batteries...a place to recall fondly with a smile a slightly devilish grin. If you have't been...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

And my new gentlemen friends...when is the reunion tour?
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Re: A Different Re-View

Postby ragtop318i » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:16 pm

Good review! I hope you were able to go to Wilson's Bar as I suggested on the phone.
Stay horney my friend.
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Re: A Different Re-View

Postby GreenMan » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:15 pm

Very good trip report Pussycat. The countdown clock drags on at an incredibly slow pace, but I look daily to see how much time will it be to MWV. I am trying to decide whether I can make it to the airport in shorts in December or not. Probably not. I now know that I will truly have a vacation that will live in my mind til I go back again and again. :mrgreen:

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Re: A Different Re-View

Postby livefree » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:17 pm


It was a pleasure meeting you at the villa. It was my first visit also and like you, I had a blast. Agree on Magnum and Indiana being fantastic hosts. I am already thinking about going back next month ;-)
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Re: A Different Re-View

Postby bomba » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:55 pm

Pussycat... great report. You described the Villa perfectly.
I look forward to meeting you one day.

Re: A Different Re-View

Postby Pica » Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:14 pm

Pussycat glad you got to get the full experience first hand. T and Indiana all the best. You must be very special for T to take you to the baseball game seeing as how Barney the serial killer never made it.Great trip report hope to meet you sometime down there in the villas.

Fish On! Pica Out!
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Re: A Different Re-View

Postby Mimin » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:16 pm

Great report Mia, it was a lot of fun meeting you and Don.

I hope Bionic man will let us know when it is time for the reunion tour.
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