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Pvoicelover's trip report

Postby pvoicelover » Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:35 am

Hello Gents...

Like everyone else who has been here, this place is not only paradise but much, much more.

The flight from Miami was pleasant, and quick, and the airport to my surprise is small but very efficient. We literally landed, and in under 2 minutes we were docked at the terminal. Customs and immigration was a breeze. I paid my token $10, and since I only had 1 hand carry, they let me right through customs. Prior to that I freshened up a bit in the bathrooms located in the customs/baggage claim area.

When I walked out, I was pleasantly surprised to see Joel, with my name tag held up high. Now, if you have never met Joel, he might surprise you. He is a calm, collected soul, who exudes the tranquility well known to the caribbean region.

On the way to the villa, we passed through Sosua, and we exchanged some of my dollars into pesos. Joel was quick to make sure I wasn't being cheated and asked me if I needed to go the pharmacy. Next stop, the villas. Luckily, I started learning Spanish about 2 weeks ago. He was pleasantly surprised with my proficiency. I of course, felt timid, but I knew I would get better the more I spoke.

The ladies were all waiting and I was absolutely shocked by their beauty. Of course, they cheered, and each gave me a hug and kiss. Of course, one of them caught my eye, and she was the quietest one, sitting with her phone and headphones on. I went into my room, after speaking with Indiana, freshened up and changed.

When I returned after a few minutes, I was happy to see "El Oso", a native of the midwest, who thankfully was there to usher me. The ladies could see I was incredibly timid and shy.

I am not going to go into details about the ladies in general as I feel it is disrespectful. They were all heavenly beauties. For me, it was vastly more important about my intellectual experiences with them, than with gratuitous sex experiences. It's about having that 'emotional' connection. I was only with 4 of them (Stephanie, Lorena, Albania, and Yosemi), but there was 1, I always returned to, and frankly I didn't know why. I didn't care. I didn't even have to look at her body, I stopped at her eyes. If you guessed it was the girl who was listening with her headphones on, you are right. And that was Yosemi.

That night, we all went out to the Casino, per 'El Oso's' recommendations. Yosi was at my side almost all the time. I don't care much to gamble, all I cared about was to make sure the ladies were having fun. We, of course, lost at Russian roulette. But it was the experience that mattered, and the company we kept.

The next day, we all went on an ATV experience, my first in my life! 'El Oso' was great as he showed me the particulars of how to make that crazy 4 wheeler work! It was a fantastic tour, with rough terrain, water holes, fish farms, and of course the beach. On the way, Lorena, threw muddy water on me...on purpose of course, and I vowed to avenge her! As soon as we got to the beach side, I picked her up and threw her into the river (after safeguarding her phone of course). We, each in turn, and in jest, tried to drown each other, but don't worry, no harm was done. We got on the boat and went across the river, to a quaint straw shack, where I had my first Coco Loco, my first crab and lobster dishes...all were delicious. And who was by my side? Yosemi. After the late lunch, we returned via boat, then ATV, and then Joel picked us up to head back to the villa. An absolutely fabulous day.

The following day, was almost a day of rest. 'El Oso' had to leave, which was bittersweet, as he is a great conversationalist to have and was kind enough to give me advice. He left in the early afternoon, and I just relaxed, listened to music with the chicas and learned as much as I could about dominican life, culture and music. I had very stimulating conversations with Stephanie, who may be quiet at first, but ask her an introspective question, and suddenly, you end up hearing an entire dissertation on the topic. I think she liked the conversation as much as I did.

That night, 3 of the ladies, Yosemi (of course!), Lorena, Maria and I went out for dinner and dessert at Baileys. This is an open air restaurant with a large venue, bar, essentially everything. I had the ladies order whatever they wanted. We purchased teddy bears and flowers from the local vendors, all in good fun. Yosi, the ever kind, gentle soul she is, helped out a poor one legged man with some extra (take out) food, that was accidentally left by another customer next to our table. To see that gesture was amazing to me. Since I also originally came from a 3rd world country that has poverty, I can completely understand and relate.

The next day, Indiana announced that we were about to move to a new villa as we were going to receive two more guests fairly soon. In the afternoon, we had reached the new villa, which was amazing! Much bigger, with large rooms, great beds, beautiful shower stalls, jacuzzi's, you name it! Yosi, unfortunately, had left that morning to take care of some particulars at home but she told me she would be back that evening before going to the disco. I took a good nap in the evening, after having spent some time with the ladies at the pool. By 930 pm, we were all ready to go to the disco. Yosi looked elegant, sexy, voluptuous, everything, all rolled into one! The other guest who had just arrived that afternoon, joined us and we all enjoyed ourselves. The ladies, shared vodka with orange juice and various mixed drinks. They were dancing dynamos! I couldn't keep up with the grinding moves (as Yosi kindly told me), but I didn't care.

Nearly every single night I spent with Yosi. It was an intimate affair and we definitely had this strange inexplicable bond. There was plenty of teasing, caressing, and hugging.

But do remember this. Not every guy and girl can match like this. You need to find your own. I am just here to say that these ladies are not fake. They are real. They do care, but they cannot fake situations that are simply not there. Some guys get that. A lot, unfortunately, do not.

When I left, I was of course, miserable. I think you can sense that I still am miserable without Yosi :( . And it will not be long before I return.

Maybe I am just old fashioned. I used to think that it was all about sex. It isn't. It is about attraction, and then the sex goes from great, to heavenly.

A few closing pieces of advice:

1) Be a gentleman. Don't be an asshole. Drunks, drug offenders, abusive characters, please leave us alone. Magnum has no tolerance for this. BTW, Magnum is trying very hard to improve the situation at the villas for not only his guests but the ladies as well.

2) Tip everybody. Tip Carmen, Libby, and Joel. Carmen is a 5 star cook. She has a heart bigger than the villa, and all she wants is for you to a have a full stomach! I washed dishes for her, because, well, I wanted to!

3) Bring enough money. You can pm me, or ask bomba, he is a fantastic resource. Remember, the ATV, dinners outside the villa, etc...are all extra. Joel also needs extra money for any excursions you may require.

4) Wear condoms. Respect the girls, they will shower you with love. But be inventive in the bedroom.

Take care fellas :wink: .

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Re: Pvoicelover's trip report

Postby bomba » Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:39 pm

Great report.
I am very happy you had a good experience... it is a special place.
I look forward to meeting you one day. The first beer is on me!!

Re: Pvoicelover's trip report

Postby Pica » Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:22 pm

Just one piece of advice. ...Stay away from Western Union!!!

Fish On! Pica Out!
Let's walk down the hill and fuck em all.
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Re: Pvoicelover's trip report

Postby pvoicelover » Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:28 pm

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