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Postby Pghpirfan » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:01 am

Ok guys this has two purposes. The first is to give accurate
information regarding MWV and the second is to help orient
the first timers.

First things first. This is an entirely legitimate
deal. There are no safety issues to worry about.
When you get through customs at the airport skip the porters
and just go outside.

Joel will be waiting for you holding the green sign.
If you are in any way like me it feels a little odd hoping
into a van with a stranger. Fortunately Joel will not be a
stranger for long. His English is advanced
enough to attend to your needs and get you oriented.
He offers to go to the pharmacy and the bank right
away. He is entirely trustworthy.

In terms of the pharmacy buy some vitamin c. Even if
you have never used it. It is safe and will help if you have
first time jitters. Most men do. Nothing to worry

As for the bank think about it. First I recommend
traveling with ample us cash to meet your needs. If
you need to rely on plastic call your bank and alert it that
you are abroad. Dollars are readily accepted in most
places. The girls at the Villa prefer them I believe.

After those 2 stops you will be whisked to the
Villa. It is about 20 min from the airport.
Relax enjoy the scenery. You will have many views of
the Atlantic on the way.

Upon arrival at the villa you will drive into a gated
building and be greeted by guests and the chicas. I can only
say what everyone else says you will be pleased. They
will greet you individually. Your luggage will be
taken to your private room. It will be clean comfortable and
safe. There is an en suite bathroom in all of them and a
safe for your belongings. Once you get situated
Magnum will catch up with you to square up on finances. It's
at that time he will also orient you to the villa. Talk with
him. He's a good guy. He's heard everything and
is completely non judgmental. There are only 2 non
negotiables: no drugs no violence.

After you get done with that go to the mingle area. There
will be food and drinks.

Drinks. There will be more alcohol than you can drink. The
beer will be Presidente and its quite good. No wine of
consequence. The liquor is predictable and mid grade.
If you want something special it's on you or your villa
mates. Often there is higher grade stuff around and if it's
on the tables it's community property. You
make your own drinks generally. The chicas will get
you beers and Magnum will make you an excellent Bloody Mary
but generally you serve your self.

Food: you will not go hungry. Breakfast is custom ordered
hot and always good. Lunch and dinner is buffet style.
There will always be enough it is flavorful. That
said, it is an opportunity for improvement as the food
repeated it self. By far the best meal I had there was
prepared by Sir Magnum himself. Excellent grilled
seafood. But budget enough money to go out. There are
excellent restaurants nearby. Take a chica and enjoy
the locals on the beach. Magnum and Indiana are great
resources for that. Late night snacks at the villa
should be made by the chicas. They need to be reminded of
that from time to time but they will.

Rooms: They are clean comfortable and safe. Each has its own
bathroom and you will get maid service every day. Don't be a
cheap skate. Tip the housekeeper $5 a day and she'll do your
laundry. The DR is tough to make a living at. Everyone gets
fair ages at the Villa but a latte and a doughnut to you is
real grocery money to them.

Excursions: I golf it was great. Zip lining was a kick
and the ATVs were a hoot. No chica for golf but the
others take one they are fun.

Chicas: the real reason you went in the first place.
Smoking hot. Period. You will not repeat not be
disappointed. Plan on 2 partees a plus your
overnight. When you. Get there you will feel weird
until you get into a groove. Eat drink 2 beers grab a
chica and go!

Do it. You will be glad you did.

Shout our to Bomba and Pica. The orientation was

To all stay horny my friends.
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Postby Pica » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:40 pm

Fredo! I know it was you! You broke many hearts! Great trip report. Bad Godfather pun not withstanding. You really nailed it. For anyone still on that fence listen to Clark Kent!!! He is real as am I and Bomba, don't believe, just pm or email one of us. You jumped in with both feet and went from Clark Kent to a proverbial Superman...not quite yet Bomba, but it won't take long, if you keep coming back, and you know you have too!!!! Once you take the plunge you become addicted. The only cure is the cause! TOTO!!! So thanks for a public version, so anyone can see we are not making this shit up! Hope to se you back down there sometime next year.

Fish On! Pica Out!
Let's walk down the hill and fuck em all.
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Postby bomba » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:38 am

Great report Clark Kent. Pica and I were very proud of you. After you arrived and got settled in,we were all at the table talking about the Villa and how things work etc. We told you that the best thing to do is get that first Pardee hour out of the way. Some guys sit here and look for hours afraid to say the magic words.... "Pardee hour". But you made us proud, not only did you jump into a Pardee hour but you did a 2for1.
It is difficult to really express in words what the Villa is like. It is also hard to make guys believe it's real. Most of us were raised with the saying, "If it seems to good to be true, then it is". But there are always exceptions to the rule and this place is definitely the exception. It is real, the girls are real and the fun is real.
If you are reading this and thinking about going.... don't hesitate... just do it... take the plunge... get off your ass and take the chance to find a little slice of heaven on earth.

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