Stubby's trip report Sept. 2-7

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Stubby's trip report Sept. 2-7

Postby Stuby23 » Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:08 am

Trip Report
So as a “Newbie” to the Villas let me say this place is real. I know it is hard to believe, as I was skeptical but being back from my first visit there can be no question about it. Now that, that’s out of the way here is the day-by-day breakdown of my 5-day Visit. Day One begins with my Arrival at Puerto Plata airport at 2:50 pm. You are really greeted by a cheesy band as mentioned in other reports. Then you go through passport control where you should be charged $10 visa charged. A guest that arrived after me said he was charged $20 not sure if price has changed or he was just taken for $10. Either way my advice is to not start an argument in a third world country and possibly ruin your trip. So after a swift baggage claim I grabbed a porter and headed to the arrival exit door. Where of course Joel the driver was waiting for me with a sign. After a brief smoke break we headed towards the Villa. You pass the small town centers of Sosua and Cabarete where Joel will ask you if you need to make a Pharmacy run or exchange Money. Now the pharmacy is for Vitamin “Ci” if you catch my drift (recommended). And money exchange is a good Idea if you plan to go to town for dinner or any other activity. Of course it is not absolutely necessary but you will find the exchange rate at stores and restaurants is pretty low. I have to thanks Griz for helping me out with that. So after a quick stop and a 40 minute drive we arrive at the Pirates Grotto Villa. I take what feels like the longest walk up the stairs to be greeted by 10 beautiful Chicas, I of course have the infamous deer in the headlights look. After a hug and a kiss from every Chica I am shown to my room. I settle in quickly and through some swim shorts on. I then head to the front where I meet the other 2 guests and suggest we jump in the pool. The Girls are very quick to follow. Now as a newbie I of course hesitated for about 2 hours before thinking about my first padree hour. I do suggest, as have a lot of past guest that you get it out the way quickly. I was in the pool for about 2 hours playing with Jennie but just couldn’t quite get my self to just tell her Padree. So I am helped a bit by Magnum and Griz who tell her to take over and take me to the room. Now not going into graphic detail about my bedroom room experience but I will tell you Jennie was a great choice sweet and so attentive. Well after my first padree hour is out the way we return to the rest of the group where dinner is being enjoyed. I have a quick bite and a couple beers and then its time for a second padree. I scan the room and lay eyes on Ciely. After a bit of physical flirting I tell her padree hour. She immediately gets up and grabs my hand and we’re off to the room. Now let me say Ciely was amazing very full of energy and very good at the tease. So after a great padree we head back up to the patio where the rest of the group is enjoying a bit of music and some drinks. We all call it quits at about 10 pm I chose Jennie for the night and that was a great choice. I really recommend her if you prefer a bit more sweet and attentive chica. Day two begins about 8 am with me waking up to the amazing sight of Jennie right next to me. After a great morning hello we shower up and change to head up for some breakfast. After breakfast and some chatting with the other 2 guest the girls begin to play a bit of music and the pool is the spot to be. I change into some shorts and jump in to join the fun. I immediately notice Issa in a very sexy bikini. I start a bit of conversation and a bit of physical flirting and then the magic word is said “Padree”. We are off to the room, now Issa has an amazing body very hard to resist really a sight to behold on top of you. After a shower and a little nap it’s lunchtime I head up where the other 2 guests are already enjoying lunch. I join them and I am informed that it is one guy last night. Hey has decided he would like to take the girls, Magnum and Indiana out for dinner that night, and would like to know if every one else was okay with that, of course we all agree and set a time for 8pm. After lunch and some lounging with the girls I decide to have a padree with Ciely. Again an amazing choice with really great energy and an amazing talent for keeping you in it, always a great time. After what was actually longer than an hour it is time for shower together and a little nap before we head out to dinner in Cabarete. Now we actually needed two vans to get three guest and 10 chicas to the resturant. Magnum and Indiana meet us there promptly and we enjoy a great dinner with some good conversation. The chicas are very good at behaving them selves when your out at dinner. With dinner for 15 and a couple drinks a peice the bill comes out to about 300 buck. Not bad at all in a 3 way split not to mention the fact that you get on the chicas good side and seeing them all dressed up is a definite sight to behold. So after dinner Griz comes up with the great idea of changing some cash for pesos and having the girls dance back at the villa. We all change about 30 buck apiece which doesn’t sound like much but in pesos it is more than enough to get all the girls rattled up. We arrive at the villa and the girls instantly change for a night of fun. We get out to the patio and get some music going and the girls get going grinding and striping we go a bit nuts and are dry after about 20 minutes. But that is enough to get these girls going for the night. The beers and tequila start rolling and the party begins. We laugh, drink flirt and just end the guest last night with a bang. We all start to turn out at around midnight. I of course being the newbie that I am still haven’t made my choice for the night. The girls notice and start to ask till Yosi finally tells me I have to make a choice, naturally with Yosi’s fire I chose her. One of the best chicas in my opinion, like I said some fire with so much passion and such a real experienced woman she knows what you want and how to make you smile. After and amazing time we call it a night at around 1 something. Needless to say the next morning we didn’t wake up till around 10 and for some reason didn’t make out the room till 11 something. We head up for some breakfast and a final chat with the third guest who leaves the Villas at around 12. With one guest scheduled to arrive later at around 4, the chicas and now just Griz and me left to our own devises. I decide to take Jennie for one last Padree before she too leaves today. After what was definitely more then an hour we shower up and Jennie packs up to leave. It is now 2 something in the afternoon and I head up to hangout with Griz and the girls to await the arrival of the new guest. A couple girls leave at around 3 and the new guest, a previous guest to the villa, arrives at 4. After a meet and greet with the new guest and a few beers, Karina arrives to the villa. A bit of music with the girls and a couple more beers I decide to put on some swim shorts and head into the pool for a dip. The girls are quick to follow and as we lounge in the pool I see Karina sitting back in a chair by the pool in a bikini looking hot as all hell. I make my way over and chat her up to get her in the pool; she joins me and the other girls in the pool. After a few beers and some play in the pool I tell her it’s padree time. She promptly grabs my hand and we walk out the pool and head to the room. Karina is a gorgeous girl that’s super sweet and so attentive to what you like. Needless to say after what felt like an eternity in the room we finally surface from the room at around 7. We get to the patio where the other 2 guest and the girls are lounging, and are greeted with some clapping and cheering. We get the music going and the beers flowing till around 10 pm when the other guest call it a night. I choose Ciely for my over night who is just an amazing woman. I wake up early as we all decided to take the 27-waterfall excursion today. After a quick good morning and play with Ciely I head up to the kitchen at around 8:30 am. I have some breakfast and await the other guests who join me promptly. We get in are van at 9 am that’s three guest and three chicas who join us. The trip to the waterfalls is about an hour and a half. Nice to be in a van with a hot chica next to you for that amount of time you get creative. So after a fairly lengthy drive we arrive. Now the waterfalls are an awesome experience but do be warned it is a hell of a hike about a mile to mile and a half through the jungle with quite a bit of it being up hill. However it is one hell of a sight and experience really a sight to behold. I do recommend this outing my one suggestion is that you be prepared for the hike and that you may want to do it the day before you leave, as you probably will be sore and tired so you don’t want to be down for a couple days to recover. After the waterfalls and a clothes change we jump back in the van around 12:30 and we arrive back to the villa around 2 pm. The girls hit are rooms to change and shower, some overseen by the guest and we await the arrival of the new guest at around 4 pm. I take a nap to recover and emerge to the patio around 6 pm where things are quiet. I start the music and mix my self a drink. The girls are quick to respond and join me in the patio. I notice Karina dancing gin her seat and decide she should be dancing on me so I say the magic word “Padree” and we’re off to the room. Again amazing time we emerge from the room around 8pm to the patio where the party is getting started. This being my last night at the villa I say let the party begin. I make my self a drink and get the girls music choices blaring. All guest are now up and joining us on the patio. The newly arrived guest wants to encourage the party and suggest we put on some of his music. Now this is a good a time for me to explain for some newbie’s. I brought along my laptop on which I have a Spotify music account on. If you have never used Spotify it is basically an internet music library in which you select the artist and songs you want to listen to. To this point I have allowed the girls to make the music selections as this works well to keep them happy and in a party mood. Yes this means that all the music is in Spanish, me being a fluent Spanish speaker I do not mind. I do understand that if you are not a Spanish speaker you would feel urged to play some of your music. However please understand that the girls will not understand your music and most likely not be interested in it. This means less sexy dancing and interaction. So my suggestion is to let the girls play their music, as you will benefit most from this, watching them dance to it makes you really forget that you don’t understand it. So the new guest insisting that we play his music I give in and connect his Ipad. Again not the best Idea but I do understand where he was coming from. The girls instantly put off by the music ask me to please put back their music. I do let this continue for a few minuets till the guest realizes what has happened after which I explain that he shouldn’t feel discouraged it was a good thought but again the girls will of course respond better to music they understand and like. I tell him that in the room with a chica he can play his music and the girls would appreciate it, however in a group environment it is best to let them choose the music. Back in the party mood I see catch bebe’s eye. I decide to have one last padree before my last night is over so after another drink and her grinding on my lap I tell her “Padree” and were off. Bebe is one of the youngest in the house but this is not discouraging given her energy and drive to please you. She was a great choice for my last padree. We get back to the party around 9:30 and keep at it till around 2 am. At which I take Yosi for my last overnight. Yes Yosi man she is just a real woman, such a good looking woman in my opinion with that right amount of fire that just makes you want to give it your all. We awake late given are late night around 10 am to which I again can’t resist but to reacquaint are selves. We finally are out the room around 11:30. Knowing I leave the villa around 1 pm I take the morning to enjoy breakfast and discuss my stay with the other before needing to pack up. I say good-bye to the girls with a nice hug and kiss and jump in the car with Magnum to catch my plane back home.
• First change some money into pesos at least 100 bucks for the duration of your stay. Thanks to Griz for bailing me out a couple times on this.
• Second get the first padree done quickly don’t wait it out like me.
• Third join in the fun with the girls by letting them play their music and jumping in the pool with them. You always come out a winner.
• Fourth plan an excursion with the other guest or if they already have one planned just join in. Being part of the group is always better and you get share some great experiences.
• Fifth take plenty of condoms on your trip for your personal use. And another good idea I believe is some flavored lube. Sounds cheesy but the girls and you will appreciate it. A candle is also a good Idea I took one Large one and it was great for the night time.
• Sixth and final piece of advise. Plan for your next trip to keep the Villa blues at bay.
That’s all the I got just want to say thanks again to Magnum and Indiana for making this dream place come true. Special thanks to Griz for showing a young Newbie the ropes. Lastly don’t forget to write your reports. I know mine took me long enough but if you want to keep the Villa alive we got to promote it.
Thanks, Stubby
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