The Wild Island Times MWV Newsletter December 14 , 2014

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The Wild Island Times MWV Newsletter December 14 , 2014

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The Wild Island Times MWV Newsletter December 14 , 2014

It's noon here at the beach villa and the guests and I are just having out first cocktail (it sure is nice to have an open bar with no coupons or bar bills to pay ). Mine is a "famous" bloody mary. Most of the others are having an ice cold Presidente beer.

It's just me , heart surgeon Doc Corazon, the world renowned Bomba, and a new guest Schooner (don't ask me how he got the name). We are waiting for the arrival of newly retired Salvaje ( the wild one) given the name by the girls here last month.

With this mix of guests and 15 chicas it promises to be a FUN week. But not without some drama ( remember the villas in Margarita Island ?). I hear that Salvaje likes drama. It makes things more interesting. But now, with 15 chicas and four guests it makes me ask " Is there any such thing as too much of a good thing? " We will find out. Indiana , who manages the comings and goings of the chicas invited 9 girls to be here this week. But 15 showed up. I think the turnout is a combination of 1) the girls finding out what guests where going to be here this week, and 2) it is only 2 weeks until Christmas and everyone needs money.

Crazzed mentioned that in one of his recent posts on the Discussion Board.

The arrival of Salvaje makes me think back to last month ( November) when he arrived for his first visit with buddy Keith ( called Lover Boy by the girls). Also Gerard ( the Bionic Man), New England Neal ( El Perro ), also Emil ( Eminem) here on his sixth visit, and gringo Jungle Jim from "Snake Island" here for his first visit. What a surprise to the girls that this "gringo" speaks perfect Spanish. In the bedroom and outside.

We also had Pussycat Mia and her beau Don ( a body double for the singer Meat Loaf - " I would do anything for love , but I won't do that " )

They stayed in our couples villa but participated in all of the parties at the main villa. We also had , staying over that week , "Good Wood" Elwood, and Manitoba Joe ( called El Diablo Blanco - The White Devil, by the girls).

It was quite a two week adventure with such an interesting mix of characters. The girls LOVED it. Real theatre. Never a dull moment.

The music at the villas in November was mostly " My Ananconda" and "Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle , What You Gonna Do With That Big Fat Butt ? "

But there were not many fat butts here at the villas. Just lots of "bubble butts" ( the small round type) on the girls at the villas. One exception was Issa, who now has morphed from a little bubble butt to one of those artificially enhanced giant Dominican asses. What a travesty. Emily , a few years ago, did the same thing . Big asses are all the rage with SOME latin women now. But not for me.

Then , Thanksgiving was a lot quieter. And we gave thanks for beautiful sunny beaches, palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, and exotic playful island women. But the quiet did not last long because at the end of the first week in December we welcomed 007 , James (Eyes Wide Shut), Bomba ( now retired and living the life), and Pica who was here for just a couple of days. And Salvaje ( Wild Thing) was here for his second visit in as many months ( Mikey, I think he likes it ). Salvaje was always stirring things up ( mostly in a good way).

Also here were Matt 2 Much, and Chet the Cheetah ( the big cat).

The craziness built up to a crescendo for our Christmas Party on December 12. Great Party. Worthy of a MWV honorable mention.

Not quite on the level of Halloween, but almost. We had a lot of input from the guests on which girls should be recommended for Santa's NAUGHTY list and his NICE list, but with a special emphasis on the Naughty list. ( bad girls can go ANYWHERE they want ).

We are looking forward to a great Christmas here at the beach villa and a big new years celebration.

We want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year. And we hope to see you here sometime in 2015.

Magnum Wilde

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