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The Wild Island Times November 2013 Newsletter

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:24 pm
by compwiz
It's 6:30 AM and I am enjoying a cup of steaming strong black aromatic coffee. Sitting in the bohio poolside at the Oceanside Marbella Villa. It is just barely first light. The only sounds are the waves breaking on the beach nearby, and the kingbirds' early morning tropical calls in the trees around the villa. No one is awake , and no one will be up for at least another two hours. For me, this is paradise. I am one of those early risers that can never sleep late. And this is a good time to reflect on the past couple of weeks at the villas. Two very busy weeks.

I like the Marbella for some "quiet weeks" with only 3 or 4 guests. But I also like having the Pirates Grotto Villa for an additional four guests. And it has become our "party central" for big events and special weeks. There is never a complaint there about loud music, noise, , or nudity. It is the perfect party place.
And Halloween Week had all of that. This was our 14th year celebrating Halloween Week at the villas ( Margarita Island included) and it was one of our best
, if not THE best party ever !


The week was so entertaining that no one , not one guest, wanted to leave the villas for an excursion. Now that is unusual. There were 25 girls and 8 guests. A bit short of what we anticipated. But Skipper and Comp Wiz were not able to make it.

Image Image

All eight guests fell in love.......everyday............with a different girl. And there were many new ones. Heidi, Angela, Kiara, Elvira, and Camilla were all new.
But they all took to the villas like they were familiar with us all. I guess that it is the atmosphere here. Relaxed, fun, friendly. No pressure or drama. It was a great week with the costume parties, naked after parties, the human sundaes, luges , and the penis shooters. No details , I'll just let you imagine what that is.

Image Image

Prizes for sexiest costume, and best male costume were awarded, and an attempt was made to have a "no panties party" but it fizzled and got turned around and became a "only panties party". Because that was the only article of clothing that the girls were wearing at midnight. It made me think of the popular beer commercial where the moist interesting man in the world says" If the only thing that comes off at the unmasking hour is the masks, then you have done something wrong. But not here my friend.

At the end of the week everyone was spent...partied out when the last guest Manitaoba Joe ( El Diablo Blanco) left on November 5. Even "loco for toto" Bomba was expended. ...partied out. But we already have reservations for NEXT YEARS Halloween Week. ( Crazzed and Ryno). Thanks to all for a great week.
So it was a bit of relief to have a week or so to rest and recharge the batteries before our Canadian friends arrive here for "Canada Week".


Re: The Wild Island Times November 2013 Newsletter

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:30 pm
by crazzed
Halloween week 2013 was the best trip I had out of the three trips I been hands down.
roasted pig, barn fire on the beach, numerous dance parties and baby dolls, ..thanks to all the guests
and management.

Wild Island Times Newsletter

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:09 am
by maverick
Great newsletter. It makes me want to be there right now. Especially this week with the cold and ice here in Dallas. I see that there are already 2 reservations for next years halloween week. How far in advance due you need to reserve to assure a room for that week? How many people are there? I am thinking of finally doing it this year.

Re: The Wild Island Times November 2013 Newsletter

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:27 am
by maverick
Hello everyone. It sure has been quiet on the Discussion Board lately. We need to liven it up. How about a newsletter ? We are overdue for some news.

I am definitely in for halloween week. How many rooms are still available.? I might have a friend that wants to come also.