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Summer, 2007

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:02 pm
by KCQuestor
Wild Island Times

Summer, 2007

The summer heat in the southern US during my recent trip back "up north" was close to unbearable. What a hot summer. But the weather here on the island has been very pleasant. Maybe it's just the fact that we are right on the beach and have a sea breeze almost all of the time. Also being an island, it just does not get as hot as the mainland. The easterly sea breeze has been constant and the beach just seems cooler these months.

"Head south to the Caribbean for some relief from the summer heat." Go figure. But it's true.

I enjoy it when it is a little slower here at the villas and I can take my beach chair and cooler of ice cold polarcitas (little 10 ounce bottles) down to the waters edge and just chill. Some of the girls are down on the beach this afternoon playing in the ocean. It is the color of turquoise and gin clear today. The girls are playing in the surf, some without tops, and all with their tanga "postage stamp" bikini bottoms that are just a G string and leave nothing to cover their little "bubble butts". Ah. The trademark of the South American woman.

Crunchy, our black labrador retriever keeps bugging me to throw a stick into the water for him to fetch. Sometimes I can find a dried up coconut on the beach, and he really likes to go in swimming after them. Hey, I can see the "Beach Gator" coming back down the beach from his walk with Carrie and CK. He has been here this week along with Doc (who is taking a break from interviews on ESPN and his new radio talk show "The IBS Hotline"), Cowboy Russell from Texas, and Ian The Wild One. Ron "El Corazon" from Florida is here on his fifth (?) visit, and Jimmy The Bad Apple (which is a misnomer he adopted for himself) is here as well. The girls call Jimmy "the Big Kahuna," referring to a certain part of his anatomy. Kenny is here also, taking a break from his work as a body guard in the middle east. Talk about a tough job! But he is getting plenty of R-and-R with the girls. He made it clear from day number one that he wanted a 2-4-1 everyday that he is here. And all without the help of modern medicine. Even Daniella and a couple of the other NFOs are impressed with his "style". It's an interesting crew this week.

Hard Drive Dave installed a new router for us and our Wi-Fi wireless and DSL is now running perfectly (you can now check your Email while sipping a rum runner next to the pool). David and others have said that we could write a novel with the cast of characters we have here every week and their life experiences. So true. Mark (Cheeky), Wild Bill and Tony were here for a father and son visit and some great stories.. Gordy, Tim, and David Cee.were here also. Then Rogito, Steve, and Don (all repeat guests from Canada) arrived for some summer fun and a little drama. I think the whole place would have imploded if we had Donovan and Mike here also. Without a doubt, Canada Week 2008 is going to be real zoo. But we will have two rules for the Canadians ....are you listening , Roger? Change girls daily (for less drama) and try to eat more beaver everyday. Aye!

I was thinking that Cancun Rich has been notable this month by his absence at the villas. Then he calls me to ask about availability for the month of September. I guess the German fraulein that had him sequestered in Florida finally unbound him. LOL . It's time for some MWV fun. Crack that whip.

Some of our guests are very agile and good at avoiding the act of engagement or matrimony. Then again, others are not. I have recently learned that girls number 32 and 33 will be married before the summer's end. Congratulations Carolina and Angelina! Now maybe we should consider starting a new match-making agency. Thirty three girls here at the villas have become engaged or married to guests. That is not what we intended to promote. But it has just worked out that way. C'est la vie. C'est l'amour.

I am getting a little sunburned so I think I will take a dip in the ocean and rinse off the sand. Then go see what Jorley is cooking for dinner. I think we are having fish grilled on the barby. And those ceviches that I put in the fridge this morning (grouper, octopus, and conch) should be well marinated in the lime juice and ready for a taste test. It's Happy Hour anyway and I am curious about what frozen concoction our new bartender, Eduardo, has invented for the drink of the day. Come on, Crunchy. Round up the girls and help them to find their tops. Let's head up to the pool for a dip and a cocktail before dinner.

It just doesn't get much better than this. Here on the beach at the villas. Right, Crunchy?

See ya

Just another day in Paradise…..