February 2007

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February 2007

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So far, this winter has been brutal. It was 33 degrees (1C) last night in Florida and the weather channel this morning is talking about temps below freezing in the northern states. That was 48 hours ago.

Now I am sitting in 82 degree (27C) water in the villas' pool, sipping a cold polarcita (beer), and enjoying the company of 2 latin lovelies that could only be described as a "breast mans dream." Can you say Aura and Veronica? What a difference a day (or two) makes.

The life at the villas has a way of "getting into your blood" and always reflecting back on it. The month of January left plenty to reflect on. We started the year with a great group to bring in the New Year. Matt and Chris came from California to do some surfing. "Fifty year old surfers?" you might ask. You bet! I am 55 plus and still enjoy using my long board here in front of the villas, occasionally. Even Jimmy Buffet (who lives in West Palm Beach a mile from the beach) can't look out his bedroom window in the morning to check the surf. I can, and then I can make a choice between a little healthy exercise in the ocean or here in the bedroom with my cinnamon skinned beauty before breakfast. Eat your heart out, Paul Gaugin!

Also at the villas to open the New Year with Chris and Matt were Vernon (from Canada), Brad (also from Canada). the couple from France Sylvie and Laurent, "Romeo Corvette" David, Bob "Viewman", and Robert the Pittbull (here for his second visit in 6 months).Twelve girls were here to keep the party going.

On to other news. Rogito and "Da Canada Boys" showed up for CANADA WEEK after the dust had settled from the New Years festivities. What a week! The theme was "Eat More Beaver" and the boys took it to heart. The world class muff diving stories were rampant that week. Rogito and Jean, both fell in love with two new arrivals at the villas, Ana and Karlay.

But everyone else just "fell in lust" for the week. And all of the Canada boys sent their condolences to buddies that were freezing back home while we were getting sunburned on the sailbaot charter to Coche Island or enjoying the naked pool party at midnight. One of the girls fell in love with Steve and called him everyday for a month after he returned to Canada. C'est l'amor.

Rogito and the boys "passed the torch" to Craig and Rollie and a couple of others as they left. Another tearful farewell with Rogito leaving. Again!!!!. But CANADA WEEK morphed into FLORIDA WEEK with all of the guests being from the Sunshine State that week. All were ready to keep the party going. Even Cancun Rich breezed in to enjoy his just rewards of the sale of his Mexico bar and restaurant. He was still looking for that "perfect pina colada" and he and Marianne visited almost every beachfront bar in Playa El Agua in their barefoot quest. But Rich, no matter how much you drink, always remember to lock your bedroom door when you are interested in some "crunchy crunchy". Otherwise you might be raided again by Rollie, Craig, and the girls when you are in "the act." It could give a whole new meaning to the phrases "group sex" and "piling on."

January closed out with a few days of rest for our weary staff. But Josefina, Pedro, Luis, Alfredo, and Jorley can only rest for a couple of days without asking, "Senor Tomas. When is the next group arriving?" Manana, mis panas, manana.

Well it's Happy Hour and Alfredo is firing up the blender to make some of his world famous Wild Vacation Cocktails. But the girls are into the tequila and want to do some "body shots." Hey, did I tell you about how they do "body shots" on the guys................ Where did you say they put that salt again?

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