January 2007 - Making It A Unique Adventure

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January 2007 - Making It A Unique Adventure

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Making It A Unique Adventure

This past year has come and gone faster than any one that I can remember. It makes me reflect and think of how important it is to enjoy life and "never put off a party until tomorrow that you can celebrate today".

December ended, without a doubt, the best year we've seen at the villas. Reservations increased 35% over last years numbers and the improvements to the villas such as private baths for all rooms, the new apartments, and Wi-Fi (DSL) internet throughout the property have been made in response to requests by our guests. We are always listening and trying to make the MWV vacation experience better. Thanks guests. Thanks Luis. Thanks Ray.

The transportation has improved with the use of the 2 Mercedes Benz 15 passenger vans, and the new excursions offered outside of the villas have helped to make the MWV adventure complete. But we still do the catamaran charter to Coche Island and the jeep safari to the Macanao Peninsula. Thanks for the feed back Rollie and Craig.

We experimented with some new ideas like an evening "dinner cruise" on Pampatar Bay, and a Coche Island overnight stop over with the catamaran charter to enjoy some time outside the villas. Both excursions are being added for 2007. Thanks Billy.

Fishing excursions are becoming an increasingly important part of the MWV package. And we have expanded our offering of fishing to a choice of two types deep sea fishing trips to catch everything from kingfish and small tunas inshore to an offshore trip for mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish, and marlin farther offshore. Venezuela enjoys a repuation world wide for some first class fishing. Inshore fishing for snook and tarpon is also available. And a 3 day adventure to the mainland for fresh water peacock bass (pavon) fishing is also offered. And all of this with a lovely fishing companion to make the experience complete. Thanks Dave.

But enough of this "shameless self promotion" . Our competitors already have cornered the market on that. Here at the villas, we look forward to a new year of meeting new guests, enjoying the company of return guests, making new friends in this special place, and enjoying all of this in the company of some of the most beautiful women on this planet.
Thanks guests and thanks chicas. You really make it all a unique adventure.

Magnum Wilde

"A cold beer is just that much more enjoyable sitting here on the terrace with my girl and watching the ocean. You just can't duplicate this experience in St. Louis.
Thanks, Bill"
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