Newsletter #3 July 2004

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Newsletter #3 July 2004

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Welcome to another edition of our newsletter. Included in this issue is a little information about bookings and our site as well as an update about life at the villa.

Island News – A message from Magnum

Ahh. I am sitting here in a beach chair in front of the Wild Vacation Villa’s, sipping an ice cold Polarcita (the little 10 oz local beers that disappear down my throat before they ever get warm). The fresh smell of the salt air, the waves rushing up to cool my feet, and the colors of the clear aquamarine ocean merging with the dark clear blue sky make the day.

You know, it seems like there is always a fresh ocean breeze here. A few of the girls are playing in the small waves with Crunchy, our pet Labrador. Their tanned, naked bodies in the aqua blue of the sea are like a contemporary work of art by Gaugan, and their laughter and voices bantering back and forth in Spanish are like music. It doesn’t get much better than this. I just need for some of you guys to come on down and help me . Jimmy Buffet eat your heart out!

There is lots of exciting news on our part of the island this month. First, we have completed the patio extension in preparation for our new poolside bar and dance area. . We have just finished repainting the pool for the enjoyment of our guests. And finally we have finished the villas’ landscaping to enhance the tropical Garden of Eden atmosphere.

Our spa and tropical waterfall project is still on the agenda for this summer. We are the next on the list for the stateside crew who are now working on a project in Nassau, Bahamas. Our small Jacuzzi with the ocean view in Villa number 3, and our two swimming pools will have to suffice until our new project is completed.

The investment project is now closer to reality. The participation of a few select investors will enable us to realize our dream of a NETWORK of Wild Vacation destinations, all with the same private villa, small group, NO HOTEL, fun atmosphere.

We want to say thanks to all of our new guests, and special thanks to our repeat guests last month, Ron, Craig, Rollie, Jim, and Dave. They were all here for their second visit this year (2004). Another guest , Chaka Nui (Matt), was here for his NINTH visit in a year and a half! The girls all love you, big Matt.

A special “crunchy crunchyâ€