March 2005

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March 2005

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We have just returned to the villa from our full day sailboat charter to Coche Island. It feels good to knock the salt off at the poolside shower and have one of the girls make me a tall scotch and water. The bar is open and it is happy hour. It's nice to hear some Jimmy Buffet on the sound system and take a break from the girls' preferred music, Reggae-ton. Pedro is firing up the charcoal grill to cook some fresh wahoo steaks and roasted mussels in the shell. "Mucho fosforo" say the locals, that is to say the local seafood will put lead in your pencil. That and Cialis and the girls topless and in tong bikinis, Miho.

It was a fun day on the catamaran. Our "Bachelor Party" guests Alex, Brian, Doug, and Nick had quite a day on the cat. They helped the crew set the sails, served up the rum early and cranked up the sound system for our day on the crossing to Coche Island. They had the girls out of their tops before we were even out of the marina! Once we made landfall on Coche, one of our group Alex dived on a jellyfish. Whewww. That stings! Alex asked me what he could do for the sting, and I told him the best cure for it is ammonia and , unfortunately, we did not have a bottle of ammonia on the boat. But there is something else. Lifeguards always say that you can pee on a jellyfish sting and the ammonia in the urine will stop the sting. So wiseguy Alex immediately laid out on the trampolin at the bow of the boat and asked the girls to pee on his chest. Golden shower, anyone? The lunch prepared by Capt. Yves was the best Chateau Briand I think that I have ever tasted. But he forgot to bring the wine on board today! Conyo!!! Some of the guests were surprised to find out that he owned a restaurant in Lyons, France before he migrated to Margarita. When asked what brought him to the island 25 years ago, he says without hesitation "the most beautiful women in the world". And he is French. After lunch we played Boche ball up on the wide white sand beach, and special guest Raul came through with the winning throw at the end to win the match over the "veterans". I didn't tell him that the winners usually serve up shots of "Agua Diente", the local fire water. But a cold beer tasted much better on a hot day at the beach.

Hey, that charcoal grilled fish is smelling delicious. I think I will have another drink before dinner is served and go out to the front terrace to watch the full moon come up over the ocean. The moon is almost full and it is the spring equinox today. Combined with a good scotch, fresh seafood, and some beautiful companions here in our little slice of paradise, it doesn't get much better than this.

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