April 2005

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April 2005

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April 2005

The ocean in front of our villas this morning is gin clear and aquamarine blue. I enjoyed my early morning walk on the beach with the villas' two labrador mascots, Crunchy and Maximo. They love to run on the beach and fetch sticks or coconuts that I throw in the ocean for them. Crunchy is so good at it that he has learned to body surf the waves when he is coming back in to the beach. Everything here seems to revolve around the sea. The sound of the waves and the fresh smell of the salt air are always present. After I wash the sand off my feet and shower off at the poolside shower I find my way over to the kitchen in the palm roofed dining area to pour myself a cup of coffee. Then I shuffle on out to the oceanfront terrace to watch the early morning ocean and drink my morning java. I can see that HP, one of our guests and friends turned part time island resident is walking up the beach from his apartment nearby to let himself in and have a cup of coffee also. He visted us on a vacation a year and a half ago and ,in the course of subsequent visits to our villas, fell in love with the island life and one of our girls. As he sits down at the table with his back to the morning sun, it makes me think of just how many of our guests have fallen in love here. A few have decided , like HP, to move here and others have decided to just take a part of us home with them. That is to say that they decided to become engaged or marry one of our girls. On April 15 one of our guests Brian, and Marianne tied the knot. That is number 16. Geez, you would think that we were running a matrimonial agency. I am glad that most of our guests just come to party and enjoy the company of as many of our beautiful girls as possible.

April was exactly that kind of extraordinary month. The villas were full every week except one, with repeat guests Rich, Doug, Heartbreaker Scott from Canada (this time it was NICOLE who fell in love), the two Daves (SoCal and Yachtman), Nuclear Roy, and Coach Greg and the Michigan crew (go Blue!) Charles brought tears to the eyes of a few girls when he left. And especially one in particular. She wanted to get into his suitcase and go home with him! It was a good mix with our first time guests like Robert-O (knock the bottom out), and Lou. Lou is the only guest to beat "Game Boy" Mike consistently at any sport. Tennis, anyone? Too bad we don't have a hockey rink. Scott used to play for the Buffalo Sabres.

April....hmmm, is there such a thing as having too much fun? Well, it's time for some breakfast. I think I will make my way back poolside for another cup of coffee and some fresh fruit........

Are you ready for another cup of coffee HP?

We hope to see all of you here in our little slice of paradise this summer, or at least sometime before the end of the year. Wishing you all the best from me and the girls here at the villas.

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