November, 2010

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November, 2010

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Walking on the beach this afternoon I can see some clouds moving in and the wind is kicking up. But there is never a bad day for a walk on the beach here. Especially when you only see three or four other people on the beach. And there are no beach vendors or anyone to bother you. It looks today like we may get some bands of weather from tropical storm Tomas. But we have been fortunate here on the North Coast. The storms almost always track well to our south or are pushed well to the north by winds and currents known as the "Bermuda Express".

After knocking the sand off my feet and walking into the beach villa, I can see that Marcel (called "Papito" by the girls)and Ryan ("Chamo") are out in the solarium seated at the large wood table and surrounded by 6 girls in a lively conversation. Neither of the two speaks much Spanish but that doesn't impede the interchange. I have to laugh thinking about what Papito said yesterday about men and aging (he is 77). "Magnum, a man is only as old as the women he hangs out with.....".Or was it he is only as old as the women he feels? So, I guess that puts Papito somewhere in his early twenties. And maybe physically also. He has been with four girls daily during the PARDEE HOUR since his arrival here last week. Chamo is doing his best to keep up but he has hit a snag....He may be falling in love with Vianelly (last month's girl of the month). It happens here. Frequently.

Just three weeks ago we had a wedding here at the villas for Dana and Maria. It was girl number 46 to be engaged or married to one of our guests. It must be something in the water at our villas. But some are resistant to the effects. Both Paul and Matt were here that week during the ceremony and each one said they had never been married and probably never would be. They will just keep coming back to the villas every year. That makes sense to us.

And it makes sense to Griz Bear and El Presidente also. They were here a couple of weeks before the weddding for a "reunion" of the "animals". I was tempted to label their week here "The Rumble In The Jungle". Both Griz ("Oso" to the girls) and Presidente (called "Animal") showed new arrival "Puma" (28-year-old Iraq vet) the merits of avoiding falling in love and not becoming a regular customer of Western Union sending money to girls here on the island. Oso demonstrated the immediate benefits of bringing gifts to the girls and not sending money that usually supports a girl's regular chulo (parasitic boyfriend). It was a fun week. Every evening was an event. Wild West Night, Aloha Night, Baby Doll Night, and Modeling Night for the sexy clothes that OSO gave out every night.

But after all of the orientation for Puma, who works armoring vehicles in the military, was caught "flat footed" by a coche bomba ("car bomb") named Vianelly. It's funny because coche bomba is the slang term here on the island to describe a sexy and dangerous female.

So. In the month of October we celebrated one wedding, Halloween, various birthdays (Happy Birthday to both Chase and Indiana), one reunion, and maybe one new engagement (Mari and Jerry).

We can't wait to see what the months ahead will bring. And we hope to see you here at the new Beach Villas sometime soon. Be a part of it.

Chillin Here At The Villas,
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