November-December, 2009

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November-December, 2009

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The Wild Island Times
December 2009

I just returned from the MWV villas in the DR. This is Florida and it is cold, really cold. The tropical island temps have thinned my blood and I am less tolerant of cold weather. And cold women. The women here in the states all appear larger than I remember (after spending only a couple of months on the island). Much larger. I have been back here only a day and I miss my island paradise already. It's times like these that I can truly appreciate guests' talking about extreme withdrawal symptoms after their returning home from the villas.

I miss the warmth of the girls, and Yanni's cooking, and the sound of waves breaking on the beach, and the rustle of the breeze in the palm trees, and the greenery and fresh "summer" smell of the island. And also the laid back attitude of everyone on the island. For me, island life IS reality. This here in Florida is something else.


December at the villas, so far, has been a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the company of many fine guests. A few are noteworthy. Like 007 who is a CPA from Florida. He looks a lot like Sean Connery 20 years ago. Thus the moniker. He is here on his third visit to the villas and just squeezing in a "holiday" between two far away missions to "save the world from the forces of evil". He just doesn't want Elle, Claudia, and Alexandra to know his true identity.....

Then there was Chris, 008, who was here to escape the onset of the dreary English winter. He came expecting just a relaxing tropical vacation with a sexy companion. But he said the villas provided much more than he had expected. Some good friends, adventures on the catamaran, white water rafting in Jarabacoa, an ATV 4-wheel excursion on the beach, and some fun nights at the local beach-side pubs left him talking about his next trip back to PARADISE.


Steven (aka Big Pepe) did not know hat to expect on his first trip to the villas. He is 60 years old, a former executive chef, and a restaurant owner who is recovering from a recent divorce to a Costa Rican "mamacita" (hottie). He wasn't in the VIP Villa 30 minutes when he was given a proper orientation to the villas by Elle and Fior. They both resemble two mischievous escapees from a parochial girls-school looking for some fun. They were not exactly what he had in mind, but HE was exactly what they had in mind when he arrived right in the middle of the afternoon Pardee Hour. They thought that he would be "easy", what with his full head of white hair and slow southern drawl. But when they spirited him away for a 2-4-1 throwdown they found out that his nickname should be BIG Pepe. Well, Steven had such a good time that he decided to extend his vacation to TWO weeks. His crazy first night morphed into a laid back, relaxing, and romantic vacation after he finally settled down with one special chica. Just what the doctor ordered for some R & R after his divorce.

The end of November and the ides of December have given us all a nice lazy time to recharge our batteries, spend some quality GFE time with some beautiful companions and prepare for the holiday festivities ahead.

The coming year promises to be a very good one here in our island paradise, with both the VIP Villa and the Beach Villa , and we hope that you can come down and join us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
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