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The Wild Island Times
December 10 , 2008

The last week of November was time for Thanksgiving island style, a fizzled Canada Week (where are our Canadian brothers?) and it was full tilt TV football (American). We had all of the college and pro games on our cable television at the villas. Two huge college games were watched with enthusiasm by most. Kent (Canadian Traveler) could barely control his emotions. And Angie was so excited by the Florida Gators winning the SEC championship over Alabama that she jumped naked into the pool and tried to hump Albert our villa's alligator mascot. Lucky Albert. Is that a big smile on his face?


Rambone was on our mind also with Oklahoma's huge win over Missouri. Congrats Rambone! Sorry KC. Oh yeah, your team is Kansas. Hope to see you two at the villas for the BCS championship game. Ice cold Presidente beers, hot chicas, and college football on the TV next to the pool.

This November saw a good mix of new guests and repeat guests. New guest Gill arrived from Canada on the late evening Sun Wing flight and walked right into a LINGERIE NIGHT party. His eyes were wide open, his mouth agape, and smiling from ear to ear, mumbling "My G....this place really is the real deal". LOL. By weeks end he had earned the "Chaka Nui 'Knock The Bottom Out' Award", fallen in love, and decided that he really did not want to go home back to Canada. He also earned the nickname "Aguaman". And his secret to multiple orgasms each day was hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Veteran Margarita Island guest Dave (Romeo Corvette) arrived also for his first visit to our new DR villas, not really knowing what to expect. He was not disappointed. LOL. Some guests have had a hard time finding an appropriate nickname. Dave has 3 nicknames. Daytona Dave, Hard Drive Dave, and Romeo Corvette. The girls immediately were drawn to him by his short stature, disarming smile, baby face, and big heart. In a short time they were also giving him their input on the female condoms that he brought. While they were widely accepted in Margarita Island, the DR girls were not so enthusiastic. And that was after a "orientation session" in his room with 6 chicas and 4 guys. Some of the girls volunteered to try them on (in) and test drive them right there for the group. No shy girls in that bunch!

Repeat guest Bill (Belushi) also arrived that week along with Kent (Canadian Traveler). Both made it in time to celebrate their birthdays. It was a great party. The girls had planned to cover each of them with whipped cream and birthday candles and lick them clean. But they suffered a "equipment failure". The party became a Christmas Party when the girls donned their Santa's Helpers costumes. Bill played Santa Claus and gave them all a Christmas present. Small battery powered waterproof vibrators. Wow. The perfect gift.


Canadian Kent fell in love also with his two "flacas" Raisa and Isa. And he did not want to leave at the end of the week. Bill had a good solution to the "not wanting to leave" dilema. He made a reservation to come back in three weeks. Bill ws a great guest during hios week at the villas and was sorely missed after his departure. Noteworthy was his after dinner conversation question to the other guests. "Is it really muff diving if your girl is clean shaven and there is no muff ?" Profound question. Everyone laughed but no one could answer the question. And we all did extensive research on the subject that week. LOL. But the question remains unanswered and subject to debate. Maybe our December guests will be able to solve the conundrum. To be continued.........


Happy Holidays From Magnum Wilde
here on the beach at the DR villas
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