March/April 2007

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March/April 2007

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The Wild Island Times
March/April 2007
The Girls Are Back In Town

I was talking with Rollie last week and planning another Florida happy hour reunion of the MWV Bad Boys Club when we started catching up on all of the latest news from the villas. The biggest news that I had for Rollie and Craig was that 3 of the best girls from recent years who had "moved on" to other things in their life have come back to "visit" and enjoy the MWV villas and the company of our guests again. Yelitza, Mari Carmen, and Laury are all back. Wow. A blast from the past. Each one a "super star" in her own right.

We also talked about Wild Bill "Guillermo" and his crew from Virginia who made the villas rock in March when they showed up to party for a week. When they asked me if we had a "well stocked" bar I responded "Definitely.. and we don't have any bar tabs here at the villas"
But little did I know what "well stocked" meant to the Virginia boys. They showed up here with bottles of Grey Goose vodka, Remy Martin XO, Chivas Regal, and Johnnie Walker Blue Label. What a party that week! Then when Bill was back home he set a record for the "fastest rebook" of a vacation at the villas here. It took him just two weeks to book another vacation with us for this summer. Thanks, Guillermo. That speaks volumes about the MWV experience.

March was also the month that we welcomed back Andy and "Captain Uno" Warren. Warren has been taking Spanish lessons and also Salsa and Merengue dance lessons back in Canada and the girls would not leave him alone at happy hour. He could even show Alfredo a new step or two. Ja Ja. Andy was "done for" when Carolina showed up at the villas. Hey Andy, you're not supposed to fall in love. We've talked about this before.

Fast forward. With me arriving late for Happy Hour after my island quest for some good dry vermouth to make Patrick's Famous Dirty Vodka Martinis. Ice cold Stolichnya and just a drop of vermouth. He is behind the bar not listening to a word I say...... Hey, Patrick, you can't ignore the 3 day rule. You will pay the price, my friend. You don't wanna fall in love. When you come back next time you have to change every day. Patrick (who used to run a very well known bar in New York) makes "dirty" martinis that are second only to Greg's martinis back in February. Greg used to play for the New York Yankees and found his way to the villas for a memorable week. Every day Happy Hour was an adventure. We should have named those famous martinis of Greg "Mickey Mantle Martinis". Mick would appreciate the moniker, not to mention the view of the girls here in the pool at happy hour. Wow, Aura. You mean those are real and not silicone?

I am thinking back to the visit of " Maracucho Craig" from Arizona who breezed in after a stop over at his villa in Cabo San Lucas He left the girls all laughing and in the best of party moods . Craig really likes to fish and we are setting up some fishing trips for his late summer return trip to the MWV villas here in Margarita and also we are planning something for Cabo a little later in the year.

Cancun Rich, after selling his bar in Mexico, has been missing in action after having last been seen with a mysterious German fraulein in Florida. Remember, Rich, it's catch and release. With fish, and with women.

Donovan and Mike arrived at the villas in March "on a mission to... finish unfinished business" from January's Canada Week visit. They both swore that this was their best visit yet to the villas (number 4 for each of them) and left the villas looking like two naughty kids who had just stuck their fingers (?) in the pie left to cool on the window sill. If they keep coming back to the villas at this pace, they will be back twice more before the end of the year. The girls all say they are game, and ready for a rematch.

With Donovan and Mike and then the "The Two Steves" it was almost a replay of Canada Week, but in the month of March. What a great group. I don't know the reason why, but we are getting a lot of requests for group reservations for birthdays, divorce parties, and friends' special reunions. I guess the word is out. This is the place to celebrate something very special.

Well, it's time for a dip in the pool. Hello Adrianna, can you bring that tray of martinis over to the pool? Thanks my love. Oh, here comes David and Jean returning from their walk on the beach with their girls. Come on in. The water is perfect, but wash that beach sand off first.

Magnum Wilde, Chillin Here At The Villas On Margarita Island