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Wild Island Times August 3 2015

Postby compwiz » Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:56 pm

This is one of those days. I can't decide if it is a Jimmy Buffet day or a Hugh Hefner day. ( I have been accused of being related to both). The Hugh Hefner days are the days when I just want to hang out at the villa and trade stories and have a few drinks with our guests ( actually we don't call them guests. we call them amigos / friends ). But today feels like a Jimmy Buffet day because the beach is calling. It is hot and sunny with a strong sea breeze feathering the otherwise tranquil and deep blue ocean. The thermometer says 91 degrees but it does not feel that hot with the breeze blowing into the villa. It is a lazy day. Everyone is just hanging out. No excursions today, and no plans for going out tonight to the casino or the beach clubs. It could be a good night for one of those spontaneous naked pool arties. And the two "party starters are here at the villa at the same time. Fatima for the girls. And Bomba for the guys.

We have had a good week , or should I say two weeks. Both in the Pirates Grotto Villa and also in the VIP ( the Frenchman's Villa). Paper Tiger ( the president of a large multi national paper company) and his buds Ice Man, and Marco Polo , were all here for the second time in two months. Marco had a good night at the casino in Sosua. He won $875 playing Black Jack. And he did it in only 30 minutes at the table. Then he took a break and decided to hang at the bar with our chicas and have a few drinks. The casino management was going crazy trying to get him back to the table to "give some of the money back" to the casino by losing a few hands.. But Indiana stepped inand gave some good advice. Don't go back to the table and lose what you have won. Let's go to the beach club and have some fun. Advice was taken. And it was a really fun night at Ono's Beach Club. All of the other guys in the club were looking at us and wondering "Who are those guys with all of those hot chicas ?" That was the week that Paper Tiger established a "personal best" with a 4 for 1 . Excellent night P.T. Not bad for a 60 year old with some mobility issues. Actually 60+ years. Those new ED meds really worked ! Super man at 60. And Ice Man (54 yrs )benefitted from the experiment also . He had previously limited his ED meds to just Viagra and Cialis. But he tried P.T.'s new meds and knocked out a 4 for 1 also. AND then he was asking if anyone had nay larger condoms It seems that he had also increased his size to a MAGNUM. So the Ice Man had a memorable week.

Also here at the villas those two weeks was Chris / Big J ( it's not rocket science) a aeronautical engineer who has visited the villas maybe 6 times in the last two years. We had some new girls here that week ( Gersey, Angel, Chaula, Roseimy, and Mari ). He was impressed. He hit the villas the first couple of days when Bomba was around, and there were no other "regular" chicas present. So the enthusiasm level was to the max, and the inhibitions were almost NIL. If you can dream about it, let's do it ! Big J said this was his best week yet here at the villas. Just uninhibited fun.

Also here at the villas during that time frame were Scotty and Big Herb. Scot used to work in El Salvador and Nicaragua as a "geo political monitor". I worked in Guanacaste , Costa Rica in the late 70s and early 80s. And big Herb had been in Somalia at a very inopportune time ( i.e. Black Hawk Down) in the 1990s. The air was thick that week at the villas. So tick you could cut it with a knife. It was almost as entertaining as what we called "Spook Week" a few years ago here at the villas. That was the week that we had 4 very special guests in one week, just by chance. There was "Wild Bill" , who was ex CIA from Panama ( and may have had something to do with General Noriega's / pineapple head unplanned exit from the country with the help of some Rangers. And also here that week was Mark , retired FBI from Langley. And two friends , Greg and Tim, that both worked with Air Force Intelligence in the Pentagon. NOTE all names here have been changed to protect " los innocentes ". It was a good week for some fine Cuban cigars, some rare scotch, and some great stories. What did we talk about ? Mostly women of course. LOL

It was about that time that Mia came up with a stellar idea. To participate in the biggest "adult oriented" show on the planet coming up in Dallas at the end of August. So in a matter of days it was booth reserved, plane tickets bought, hotel reserved, business cards printed, large banners made, and videos prepared. With two of our managers, and one smoking hot model from Vegas ( naughty Nancy ) to represent us we are ready to travel and promote the villas at the show. Bomba even provided us with some great "tanga bikini" videos from the VIP Villa. The same tiny " Margarita Island "tangas that Ian ( from the UK) had brought for us last year for the World Cup festivities. Thanks Ian, for the gift that keeps on giving. And thanks to Bomaba for some fine camera work. We are sure that many of the 20,000 attendees at the Dallas show will enjoy them. And be willing to make a reservation immediately. With all of these new reservations we may need to hurry up the construction of our new villas to finish before the end of next year.

Well , this is our initial push to promote and advertise our new resort beachfront villas. We are looking forward to a very BIG 2016. Make sure that you are on the list of invitees for the Grand Opening around Christmas of next year. We still have a few spaces open for investors/ directors to be a big part of our new villas. ( $25,000 investment, 14% ROI, and equity ownership).

Coming up in the next few weeks we are planning for Labor Day festivities, Pirates Week I September, and a big month of October with the biggest Halloween Week we have ever had .

Well. The beach is calling me. I think I wll make a big Bloody Mary and head down that way for a swim.

Cheers, Magnum

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