Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts

Postby lookingforfun » Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:23 pm

7 days left and the days are going by soooooooo slow Holy Crap!!!! Im sure they wont go by as slow when i get there :|
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Re: Random Thoughts

Postby Profman69 » Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:11 pm

Exactly what happened on my first trip. Again ion the 2nd but not as bad. It seems like a variable time warp. I booked my first trip about 100 days before I was gonna go. The next 70 days went by REALLY slowly. I was thinking about every fuckin detail constantly. Reading board messages all fuckin day. I seriously was in full obsession mode. Then 30 days out rolled around and all of a sudden the reality became more tangible. I started focusing on last minute logistics and my day to day business. Time flew by for 21 days and then... boom... the clock just stopped. It took like a year for that last 7 days to tick away.

Then all of a sudden it was the night before and I was rifling through my packed bag, paranoid I had forgotten something. Random worrisome thoughts about how maybe I was getting scammed and shouldn't get in the car in the morning and head to the airport. Rationalizing that I was a grown man and could adapt if I did get ripped off and just enjoy 7 days in paradise (well, a less carnally adventurous paradise anyway). Tried to sleep, couldn't, tried again, couldn't. Fuck!!!! I just want to get this over with!

I had an early flight out of SFO and ws staying the night at the terminal hotel at MIA. 3:45am the driver rolls up and I'm outside waiting (for actually like an hour because I had gone through my bag so many times I thought I would lose my ind if I didn't step out the door).

Then time sped up again. Through SFO in what felt like a few minutes, actually dozed most of the way to MIA. Checked into the terminal hotel, grabbed dinner, went to bed and slept on and off (mostly off). Got up, checked out, went through security and grabbed breakfast at the gate. Then it was going on 11:15 and they were starting to announce pre-boarding stuff for flight 935 to POP! Next thing I know I'm landing, got through customs in like 10 minutes and I am out waiting for Joel.

Oh fuck! There is no one with a sign with my name on it! Manic thoughts for like an hour about how I got ripped off, have no idea what hotel I should try to check into.... aaaaahhhhhhh! Actually it was like 8 minutes. Then I see Joel walking in from the lot with a sign and i'm like, "ahhhhhhhh" ( a different kind of aahhhh from the previous one).

Into the van, stop for pesos and vitamins on to the Pirates Grotto. The rest is history and documented to the best of my ability.

Well, it was great reliving that for the last little bit while I wrote this. Thanks for the memories!

Profman...PARDEE On!
"Never go with a hippie to a second location...." Jack Donaghy

Next trip status - unknown (but working hard to make it happen)
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Re: Random Thoughts

Postby mntx66 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:06 pm

Once again, thank you Profman for posting insights...

I have 68 slow days before I arrive...preparing though...
Lingerie gifts (most small and a few medium)...check
G-stings (game prizes)...check
Harley Davidson t-shirts (more game prizes)...check
Harley Davidson t-shirts for Magnum, Indiana, and staff...check
Toys, Lube, and Lotion...check
New swimwear and island shirts...check
And lots and lots of 20's etc...check

I might have to check 2 bags or send myself a care package ...lol!

Plans for party games are in the works...lingerie fashion night, custom dice and cards, "Human Sunday"...companion prizes...working on more ideas...

Any suggestions from veterans and 1st timers are always welcome...

Let me know if anyone is planning a visit during January 2017 (20-24)...I anticipate an exciting stay!!!

As always, everyone's discussion posts have been incredibly helpful!

And of course...posts those images...

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