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Couples? Lets talk about it...

Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:50 pm

So this is a subject that often comes up on the reservations line...Do you offer a package for a couple?

So...this has been problematic in the past. When considering a vacation like this for a couple...you have to keep some things in mind. The primary one being the lady in the couple...how will she feel? Its easy from afar to think, beach, pool, drinks, music, lovely ladies and a sexy vacation would be a dream...but not always do both members of the couple have the same things for pleasure in mind. Sometimes once the couple arrives in Paradise...all the sudden one or both of the members of this couple find themselves in uncomfortable territory. Before a trip like this is planned...its really IMPORTANT TO COMMUNICATE clearly what each person wants in this fantasy. What role will they take? How will they handle a situation that is going too far? Set clear ground rules...and stick to them. Here are some questions to be considered:

What do you both want while you are here?

Have you two done this sort of thing together before ?

Do you share and/or play well with others ?

Are you both totally open ?

Do either of you get jealous ?

Who "runs the show" ?

Be honest about these things...and when booking a couples vacation be willing to share these things with me or Magnum so we can ensure the right companions are present for your stay. This can be a such an erotic and enjoyable trip for all! The last thing you want is a nightmare vacation because you bring your partner with you and she didn't fully understand what she was getting into...

I really hope we can make a good discussion topic out of this...Please contribute!!! Or feel free to ask me questions privately at mia@mywildvacationdr.com

<3 Pussycat

Re: Couples? Lets talk about it...

Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:00 pm

There used to be a thread about this. It's in the archived closed forums. It really didn't receive a lot of attention when it was active thread.

Re: Couples? Lets talk about it...

Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:56 pm

Yes...but magnum and I are getting alot of inquiries lately so here we are revisting :-) We also had a fantastic couple recently visit that really went fantastically, so it's definitely worth exploring. I think for the right couples...with the right expectations...it's a perfect fit.

<3 Pussycat
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