Another trip, a bit of a different persepctive

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Another trip, a bit of a different persepctive

Postby rugbyman » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:51 am

Hey guys, and ladies if your are kinky like that. I just had another visit to the Villas. Yes, my third since January. Am I an addict? Hmmmmmm could possibly need a group to attend. Anyway, an excellent time as always. Some of you that attend regularly, did the talent level just take a spike upward? I mean HOLY HELL!!!! There have always been beautiful and talented women, but every girl was a beauty and EXTREMELY "talented" this time.

So, this review is going to be from a different perspective. We all know a party can be had at the Villas. There is no doubt about that. We all like to brag about our exploits and crazy experiences. I wanted to touch on the more relaxing and still titillating experiences at the Villas. This is a place where you can sit, relax, listen to the waves of the ocean crash as you have a cold drink and reminisce of the amazing pardee you just had 30 minutes before. Often at the Villas, things can be quiet and serene. Sure, if you want to party and pardee hard , the chicas are always ready to oblige. But sometimes, you just need to relax and recoup.

In addition to this, you can simply have a romantic time with one or two ladies. On my last trip, I sat in the crows nest with a beautiful lady snuggled up next to me while sipping on my drink and watching the wind blow through the palm trees, waves crashing in the distance. I slowly nodded in and out of sleep, occasionally awakened by the little beauty, half asleep, kissing me, then falling back to slumber.

I can tell you how many times have have just had morning or evening walks with a beautiful chica on my arm, admiring the beauty of the D.R. (and her beauty for that matter).

On my last night I sat by the pool and had a discussion about everything you can think with a chica for 2 hours. We laughed, joked, teased, and just plain old talked while sipping our drinks and enjoying each others company.

One of the beautiful things about the ladies here, you spend so much time together, you truly develop friendships. These are real women, with real feelings. I am not saying they fall in love with every guy that comes to the villas. What I can say is that they are ladies that work hard to be your friend and if you respect them and treat them like real people, connections happen.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not always a party at the villas. That is the beauty of this place. It can truly be anything you want it to be!. If you want to Party, then party, the chicas will make it happen. If you want to sit, and peacefully relax, while chicas attend to you like the greek god you are, then sit and relax and be attended to. Whatever your preference is, you can find it here. Stay groovy my friends!
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Re: Another trip, a bit of a different persepctive

Postby bomba » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:51 pm

Rugbyman, that is what I was saying. Indiana really went out of her way to find some absolutely gorgeous, playful and extremely talented new girls. These new girls are an incredible addition to an already perfect place. Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any better, it does.
And yes... it doesn't always have to be party after party after party. I love to party but I can't go all day and all night so I take advantage of the down time also. The guests need that down time as well as the girls. Take advantage of that time to receive that "girlfriend experience" and "here I am, come pamper me". A walk on the beach, chilling in the pool together or like Rugbyman, in the Tower.

Re: Another trip, a bit of a different persepctive

Postby GRANDEJ » Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:40 pm

Bomba said…"One of the beautiful things about the ladies here, you spend so much time together, you truly develop friendships. These are real women, with real feelings."
That is one of the things I like about MWV. I'm here for fun and for the most part, when you get to visit with the ladies, you get to appreciate their personalities and humor.
The three times I've been to MWV it has been fairly quiet, which I don't mind.
I'm curious to see how I'll react to Pirates Week.
No matter what, I know it will be a good time.
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