MWV - A couple's experience.

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MWV - A couple's experience.

Postby Mr T » Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:43 pm

This post is a little unusual. It is partly a trip report (although we have deliberately left out the explicit details) but mainly intended as a guide to what couples visiting MWV can expect from their experience. We felt it was important to write this, as there is isn't a great deal of information available for couples, and - while we really enjoyed our stay at the villa - we felt it was something of a learning curve - both for us and 'the management.' Written from our perspective, it is obviously aimed at other couples, but hopefully there will be some information that single guys will find useful as well.

To start with, a little about us. I'm British and my wife is French. We have been together around 15 years, and the good news for me is that not only is she bisexual, but she's also happy to have threesomes and swing with other couples. We have had plenty of threesomes and 'moresomes' down the years, starting off with soft swinging and moving onto full swaps over time. And that's an important point to make - while it might be obvious to experienced swingers, swapping and playing with other partners is something that should be built up gradually. It requires a lot of trust, respect and consideration for each other, and unless both of you are equally up for the experience, you are risking trouble. The relevance of that to MWV is that a stay at the villa is pretty full on - to put it mildly - and we'd suggest that if you've never had a threesome before, consider playing with an escort before booking up, just to make sure you both enjoy the experience. The first night of a week's vacation is not the time to be finding out your partner doesn't enjoy watching you have sex with someone else . . .

Happily for us, however, we were already comfortable with swapping partners, and our only rule (apart from condoms, obviously) was that we would always play and sleep in the same room. With both of us having 'significant' birthdays recently, what better way to celebrate (or commiserate) than a week of sun, sand and sex in the Caribbean? Once we had made the decision to go, the first challenge was to select a resort. Google "erotic vacation" and there's no shortage of choice, but we quickly came down to a shortlist of 3 websites. Although at least one other resort was easier to get to from the UK, MWV ticked all the right boxes; private villa, own pool, next to the beach. Best of all though was the bulletin board. This gave us a lot of confidence that the set up was genuine, and answered many of our initial questions. The clincher was when we emailed Magnum our queries, he always responded within hours. We only had two really important requirements; firstly to have as many bi girls at the villa as possible, and secondly that we would have one room with two double beds. Magnum assured us that neither would be a problem.

So, deposit sent and flights to POP booked, we started preparing the travel essentials. There's some good advice on the BB about what to bring, so we won't repeat everything here, except to say that we wanted to bring some gifts for the chicas. We wanted to have something for each of our 6 nights, and planned to alternate between chocolate (always a winner) and a small gift every other day. We bought some Body Shop moisturisers, lip balms and shower gels, various perfume miniatures and some earrings and nail varnish. Nothing expensive, but we bought 12 of each to ensure that no-one was left out, and took home whatever was left over. Another essential was ink cartridges and paper for the villa's photo printer (HP Photosmart A646). Many of the girls are happy to pose for photos, but they are even happier if you print them copies. We also brought lots of bottles of lube (never realised they made them in so many flavours!), and a jumbo party-sized bag of condoms.

We flew to POP on American Airlines via MIA, and onboard the flight we had all the feelings of excitement, anticipation and nerves that most other first-time guests would recognise. We had done our homework, asked lots of questions and prepared as thoroughly as we could, but there was inevitably a feeling of stepping into the unknown. Would anyone be there at the airport? Would there be enough girls? Would the place live up to our expectations?

Clearing customs at the airport was a breeze, and from walking off the plane to outside the terminal took no more than 20 minutes. [Note for anyone travelling from the UK, it is possible to buy the D.R. tourist card in advance from the embassy in London, but it costs GBP10 instead of USD10, and there is no benefit, as it takes no time at all to pay for it at the airport - save your cash]. Walking out of the terminal and into the Caribbean heat, we needn't have worried - there was Indiana holding a sign with our names. Joel the driver was waiting in the parking lot, and we were soon in the car and on our way to the villa. Indiana, who was making my wife very welcome in the back of the car, also kindly offered to stop on the way to buy a couple of beers. Judging by some of the other trip reports, this seems to be a little MWV ritual, but it was very welcome, as much for our nerves as anything else! The villa is around 30-40 minutes drive from POP airport, and we made another essential stop, at the local pharmacy. We had considered bringing Viagra with us, but didn't fancy going through both US and D.R. customs with little blue pills and no prescription, so decided the simplest thing was to buy locally. Going with the advice from the BB, we bought Cialis instead, which as advertised, lasted much longer than Viagra (as in 24hrs) with fewer side effects. Easily bought over the counter with a credit card, the price converted from DR pesos is around GBP 6 per tablet - a bargain when you consider how much fun you can have with it . . .

Thus equipped, we drove the last couple of miles to the villa. As promised, it's in a private complex next to the beach, and the area seemed pleasant and safe, if a little isolated from the town. As soon as the car door opened, the sounds of a pretty serious party could be heard, with the laughter and chatter from the girls almost drowning out the music - gulp. Walking round the corner into the villa was an unforgettable experience . At least 12 - maybe 15 - young, bikini clad chicas, pausing the party to give us a big cheer, then coming up to kiss us one at a time. Some of the girls we recognised from MWV's website, some we didn't, but either way the feeling was part kid in a candy store, part shock. Ay caramba.

We met Magnum, who showed us to our room, and explained that as our big room (with the two beds) was still occupied, we would initially be staying in two separate rooms. This was not good - a potential show-stopper in fact, as we had taken care to explain how important it was for us to share a room. We politely reminded Magnum about this, and within minutes (literally) we had two double beds squeezed into the room, with a promise to move us to the bigger room as soon as it was available. An early scare, but a good example of how when problems occur, Magnum is very good at resolving them, and quickly. Talking of the rooms, this turned out to be the first of three that we were to stay in. All were clean, comfortable and en-suite, with plenty of freshly stocked towels. Our only criticism of the bedrooms was that they were a little sparsely furnished, with thin curtains or blinds. Not a big problem, and pretty irrelevant for a single guy looking to party hard for a few nights, but an area that could maybe benefit from a feminine touch. Thicker curtains, fluffier pillows and scented shower gels would all appeal to the female half of the couple. Anyway, enough of interior design - there were more important issues to deal with. It was time to pardee.

Let's start off by saying that pardee hour is a brilliant, brilliant idea. All the erotic vacations offer one (or more) overnight companions, but as far as we know, MWV is unique in offering the chance to play with other girls during the day. The guests are happy, as they get to sample more beautiful chicas, and the girls are happy as they get more work, and are thus more likely to stay. Everyone's a winner. So, showered and changed, we headed back out and joined in the fun. Within seconds, we had drinks thrust into our hands and girls practically queuing up to dance. Within minutes we were back in the shower, with three chicas (the wife couldn't choose between two girls, so decided to pardee with both of them - decisions, decisions). Afterwards we staggered back outside and met two of the three other guests. These included Bomba - fast becoming a MWV legend - who appeared to be living on a diet of Cialis, Tequila and chicas. Very happy he seemed too - fair play to him. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, but culminated in a semi-naked pool party, and seemed to involved lots of vodka shots served straight from various navels. All in all, a pretty good first day.

By the evening we were tired and feeling a little jet-lagged, so decided to give the casino & clubs a miss. We selected our overnight companions and headed off to bed. With hindsight, this is an area where it pays to quiz the other guests (and Magnum) and to be quite explicit about what you are looking for from the chicas. It didn't help in my case that I speak virtually no Spanish - although my wife has a good conversational level - so communicating with the girls could be difficult unless I was with one of the few who spoke English. As an example, my companion for the first night was not particularly 'cuddly' and spent most of the night with the sheet wrapped tightly around her body, whereas I was looking for a little intimacy. (The next night, by contrast, my chica had her arms and legs wrapped around me virtually all night). By asking around, you can quickly find out which girls are likely to suit you better.

The second day started with a walk along the beach, which is quite literally at the end of the garden. We walked for maybe 40 minutes and saw one other person. Back to the villa, and the cook had arrived to prepare breakfast. We had some excellent omelettes and pancakes, then lazed around awhile as the chicas began to appear. We had asked Magnum in advance if he could ask some curvier girls to visit during our stay, and one particularly stunning girl arrived this morning. It is a surreal experience, lying on a sun lounger with a beer in your hand, watching a beautiful young chica wandering around in a bikini, and knowing that all you have to do is walk up to her and ask for a pardee . . . Funnily enough that's exactly what we did, and had our first foursome with her and another girl. This is maybe a good time to explain 'pardee' rules in more detail, and how it can get a little complicated if you are a couple. The price for a pardee is USD60 for full service, or USD40 for a BJ, and you can play for up to an hour. A top tip is to convert some dollars into DR pesos, as the girls are just has happy with local currency, and at the current exchange rate, it works out over 10% cheaper to pay in pesos. Over a week of pardeeing, this can soon add up. Now as a couple, if you take two girls back to your room and only play with one girl each, you only pay once each. However, if you want to play as a foursome - and trust us, it's much, much more fun - then you both have to pay each of the girls. In other words, 4 lots of 60 dollars instead of 2. This is fair enough, but not something we had considered when we booked, so had not budgeted for. Just something to be aware of.

We had another early evening, and with the wife feeling tired, she just wanted to watch, so I had the tough job of keeping two chicas occupied all by myself. We slept well that night . . .

After the first couple of days we both felt we wanted some 'us' time away from the villa and the girls. Fun though it was, we also wanted some time alone and to have a chance to see something of the D.R. Magnum was happy to arrange a catamaran and snorkelling trip for us, which was a full day's excursion. Picked up outside the villa early morning, we were transported to the catamaran, spent most of the day sailing and snorkelling, with buffet lunch and drinks included, then dropped back at the villa late afternoon, all for just USD70 each. One point to note - good sea legs are recommended for this trip. There are some pretty impressive surfing beaches in the area, and there was also a strong swell on the day we went, so quite a few people were seasick. (On the plus side, that meant more lunch was left over for the rest of us). Magnum mentioned that some of the girls have ended up getting very seasick on previous trips, so bear this in mind if you're thinking of bringing a guest.

That night we moved to another room, with only one - albeit enormous - bed. Batteries recharged after a day away from the villa, we each chose our girl, and played as a foursome. Great fun, but although nothing was said, we had the feeling that something wasn't quite right, and that at least one of the girls was unhappy. It was only the next day when she told us that we were not supposed to swap girls during the night, even though we were a couple and all sleeping together in the same bed. We had understood the pardee rule, but this was news to us, and we discussed it at length with Magnum. Apparently this was indeed the case. Even though, booking as a couple, you have "2 companions per day" the expectation is that each of you will only play with 'your' companion. This was very different to what we had expected. In the past when we have booked escorts as a couple, we have always played 'as a couple' and had assumed (incorrectly, as it turned out) that we would be free to play with our overnight companions at MWV in the same way. This limited the opportunity for threesomes and foursomes to the pardee hours - which are paid for as an extra - and meant that the bed time sessions were more restrictive than we would have liked. Apparently my earlier threesome with two girls had been okay because the wife had just watched and not joined in, so as far as the girls were concerned, they were still only servicing one customer.

After that heavyweight discussion, it was time for another trip, and we decided to try out the ATVs. Us and another guest took three girls along, so six of us in total, two to a bike, for a very reasonable USD70 per bike. It's a guided tour, firstly into a local park, then down to the beach, and our trip coincided with one of the biggest downpours we had ever seen. It was great fun, even though we were soaked to the skin, but the best bit was that the tour stops at a local beach restaurant. Actually, 'restaurant' is the wrong word - 'shack' would be more accurate. There are a series of picnic tables with a roof, and the kitchen is a big shed, but don't let that put you off - fresher food you will not find anywhere. We chose our fish and crab in the 'kitchen' from the selection of what they had caught that morning, and waited while it was grilled over an open fire, drinking pina coladas straight from hollowed out pineapples. You prefer fresh coconut milk? No problem, the nice lady with the big machete will cut one open for you there and then. Without exaggeration, the most basic restaurant we had ever seen served some of the best seafood we had ever tasted. And some of the cheapest. All in, the trip lasted a couple of hours, and we would strongly recommend it - it's a blast.

One trip that didn't go so well was an excursion to Puerto Plata. We wanted to take the cable car ride up the mountain and then visit the city's rum factory, so us, another guest and three chicas piled into Joel's 'taxi' for the trip. It's best part of an hour into the city, so we were looking forward to stretching our legs - only to find that the cable car had broken down and was closed. With nothing else to do, the staff insisted on giving us a guided tour of the car park. . . Back into the car, and we drove down to the rum factory - and discovered that it was also closed to visitors. We ended up going for lunch at a little place opposite the beach, and fending off a procession of street vendors selling everything from necklaces to Chihuahua puppies. After lunch we drove back to the villa, and were presented with a bill from Joel for USD100. A taxi would probably have cost even more, and it's fair and reasonable to pay for the guy's time and fuel, but nothing was mentioned earlier, and it's the sort of thing that's nice to know before you leave home. Rather like knowing your destination is open before setting off, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Back at the villa, there were just us and two other guests. Magnum and Indiana tend to maintain a discreet presence until early evening, when they leave you to it. With a 2:1 ratio, there were 8 or 9 girls to us 4 guests, and with only 4 chicas being chosen for overnight companions, that left at least half of them without much to do. One of the other guests had the great idea of organising a lap-dancing contest - for cash - and then rigging the result so that the girls who missed out on the overnights would win the cash prizes. Inspired. By each chipping in some money, we had a couple of hours' fun and at least 8 lap dances each. (Come to think of it, some of them were a bit more than just lap dances, and could have caused suffocation if they had gone on much longer - but what a way to go). And all of the girls earned something from the evening, either for an overnight, or for their dancing. Everyone happy.

Our last full day was spent lounging around the villa and pool, and making difficult decisions like who to choose for a last pardee or overnight. Magnum, helpful as ever, offered to drive us into town to get to an internet cafe, so we could check-in online for our return flights (wireless internet is available at the villa, and there is a laptop, but the connection can be a bit hit and miss). We gave a tip and a couple of small gifts to the cook and the maid - not strictly necessary, but they were both unfailingly helpful and friendly, and it was nice to be able to offer them something.

And so to the final morning. We took one last walk on the beach, breakfasted, packed, and managed to squeeze in a final pardee. Magnum himself drove us back to the airport, stopping on the way at a gift shop he had recommended. At the airport we had a last Presidente beer, and steeled ourselves for the return to the real world. Bye bye bikini-clad chicas and beaches, hello London and a UK winter.

So, overall impressions. Is the place real? It certainly is. The photos and website are accurate, as are the experiences described on the bulletin board. MWV has a great villa and location, and the operation is honest and up-front. The staff, from Magnum down, can't do enough to help you. The only 'issues' we experienced are the ones described above; they were mostly down to communication, and were generally sorted out very quickly. Did it live up to our expectations as a couple? Generally speaking yes, although we think it's fair to say that there are one or two areas that couple be improved. In a nutshell, MWV is pitched at single guys, but is also able to accommodate couples. Our most important suggestion to improve the couples' experience would be flexibility for overnight arrangements. Sometimes we are happy to have a chica each for the night, and not share. Sometimes we would like a threesome. If we're feeling really energetic, we might want a foursome overnight. It all depends on how we feel, and it would be great to have the flexibility to decide on a day to day basis. And of course, we are just one couple, and what works for us might not for others. The key - again - is flexibility.

If you are a couple considering a visit, we would certainly recommend MWV. We would also recommend doing plenty of research and asking lots of questions. Magnum is very good at replying to emails, and we are happy to be contacted for questions or advice at:

Happy holidays!
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit pardeeing.
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Re: MWV - A couple's experience.

Postby primo » Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:02 pm

Thank you Mr T . Your trip report has made up our mind to do a couples vacation at MWV. I have been to the villas before as a "single guy" and the experience was absolutely the best. My girlfriend , who is latina and very BI has been insisting that she wanted to go with me. So now , with the new "couples only villa" next to the regular villa we are sold . It should be a lot of fun. We will be there in November and if all goes well with my lady we will return in 2013.
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