July, 2011

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July, 2011

Postby KCQuestor » Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:41 pm

The Wild Island Times
July 2011

Bahia de Plata (DR) Beachfront Villas

I have been trying to finish a newsletter (way over due) now for at least 3 months. But the action here at the new beach villa has been too fast to give me a breather. We have been having too much fun.

The first 5 months of 2011 have been much better (busier) than expected. But I must offer my apologies for not posting the news as it has been happening. I know that the trip reports and activity on the bulletin board have given a pretty good account of things happening here. But it is not the same as my newsletters.

Here are, you could say, some "snapshots" from the last few months......

Cliff (aka RagTop and aka Capt Clitt) was here in February. And again in April. His 6th and 7th visits to the DR villas in the last 12 months. He is now known by the locals as "The Most Interesting Man In the World" and even has a television beer commercial to portray some of his many adventures. He could be seen here almost every night touring the local beach clubs with his entourage of 4 or 5 smokin' hot chicas. He is a fine example (at age 50) of a man who is "only as old as the women that you hang out with". He ALWAYS draws envious glances from other male tourists (and disapproving glares from older female tourists who are trying to keep their hubbies in check while they are here). Once he was asked at a beach bar , " What is the secret to your animal magnetism with the women?" His response was a simple but profound, "Stay horny my friend. Stay horny." Then later in the evening he did have some unexpected trouble, when thinking he was 29 (and not 50)
he threw
out a knee dancing the DEMBO with 5 chicas at the Bambu Club. WEY CLIFF! NO BULTO!

OSO was here in February and found himself in the middle of a UTAH MIKE and PB sandwich, while trying to be big brother and the LOVE COACH. Let them fend for themselves OSO. They are surrounded by beautiful women. They will be OK. Really.

Rudi was here in February and got caught in a chicas "Emotional Buzz Saw". Remember. Don't fall in love, Rudi. Just have fun. And change daily. It's pure villas drama. Don't think twice , Rudi. There is a lot of love here for you.

Caleb came in March. He was a "newbie" from SFO. Usually it is the guys that fall in love when they are here. But every single woman here at the villas fell in love with Caleb.

Doctor Joe was also here in March. He is a young (35 yrs old) doctor from somewhere in the deep south. He showed up in cargo pants, t shirt, flip flops , and a small goatee on his baby face. No one would EVER suspect that he was an MD. He had a laid back attitude, and a special way with the girls. He loved to play the part of just being the girls "toy". He was heard saying one afternoon in a popular variation on the popular sports shoe ad, "Just Do Me". The girls loved it.

In April we enjoyed visits from DEWARS DAN, ROGITO, and ROBERT (aka Crow). Robert had been to our villas in Margarita Island back in 2006.
Now , he had rediscovered our web page. Then he booked a vacation here at the same time as DEWARS DAN, who had been at the Margarita villas the same week back in 2006. Robert showed us a new excursion in his quest for "ornithological subjects" (new bird species). His quest took him to the ocean caves of Rio San Juan in a 27 ft "yola" or outboard launch. To observe the sea sparrows and their nests glued (by their saliva) to the ceilings of the caves there.

Rogito showed up for his (how many is it?) 8th vacation to the MWV villas. Rogito is 60 plus years but there is not a woman alive that can resist his romantic overtures. He is Don Juan personified. We hope that he will help us re establish the CANADA WEEK festivities that he helped us organize in Margarita Island a few years ago. Especially now that the Canadian dollar (the loonie) is at par with the US dollar, and we have the direct flights into Puerto Plata (POP) from various Canadian cities.

Speaking of Canada, new guest Sal was here from Toronto in April. And he fell in love. The girls branded him with the name LOVESTRUCK. He fell in love various times but most especially with one tall model type (O'Dalys). He wasn't back home in Canada for more than one week when he called to make a new reservation to return in September.

Then DEWARS DAN (also called Cama Larga by the girls) returned one month after his March trip. He was here the same week with Karl (aka CRAZY CARLOS). What a duo. It was the perfect storm. Those two in the same place at the same time, with a bunch of fun loving women and unlimited booze. They put the garden hot tub to good use with the girls and invented ways that a hot tub has never been enjoyed before. Right girls?

We also had other special guests here in April. There was Len , our own Texas Oilman. And Doctor Jim ( aka JUNGLE JIM and BRACE URSELF)was here. Alan (FIRELT) arrived for his first visit and I don't think I have ever seen anyone enjoy themself more than he did. John Number 1 was here again on his second trip and he always "had wood". He was like a thirsty man in the desert that had stumbled on an oasis. We hope to see him here again for Halloween. Right John?

May was a month for love at the villas. Newbie BARNEY arrived from Canada, took one look at Giselle, and it was all over. He proposed. And she accepted. The rest is part of history (MWV history). She is girl number 50 to be engaged or married at the villas in the last 8 years.

May was also a month for extreme fun at the villas. PICA (from SC - go gamecocks!) and PUMA ( private contractor from Afghanistan) both came back to the villas for a special reunion to drink some tequila, kiss some girls, and do some fishing. They only chartered MARLIN CHASER for one day because of all of the other "fun" things kept getting in their way. They saw plenty of fish the day that they were out on the ocean. Schools and schools of small tunas (15 to 20 lbs) called "footballs". But nary a bite. So they decided that trolling in the beach villa pool would be a more productive use of their time and money. And they could fully utilize the new Margaritaville "frozen concoction maker" that PICA brought as an addition to the villas bar. Absolutely the best gift anyone has ever brought to us. And it sits right under our wall clock "It's Five O'clock Somewhere". Thanks PICA.
And thanks PUMA for making it such a great week. How many bottles of Patron were consumed that week?

Newbies Ken and Paul were here for a week. This being the 7th resort they have visited. "We'll be back" was their parting comment as they boarded the plane for Chicago.

And as Paul and Ken left for Chicago, Neil (aka NEO) came in from Chicago. Neil has been to the villas 8 or 9 times in the past few years. The girls call hin NEO or "Panda Oso" (Panda Bear). Now, Neil can not visit the island without playing golf at least one day.So we drove to Playa Grande on a day that was overcast and looked like rain, but it turned out to be a brilliant sunny day. And Neil's game was brilliant. He shot a even par 36 on the front nine, and "got a little sloppy " on the back nine to post a 42 there. Overall he shot a 78 for the day ( and I shot an 8Cool. Good enough of a day (for Neil) to save the scorecard.
Our other golfing guest, Jerry, was too busy playing with the girls to get out on the course.

We also enjoyed having OSO back at the villas in May, along with Canadians Kent (BEERFEST), Murray, Mike (BETTY), and young Wall Street whiz kid AUSTIN POWERS (called Justin Beeber or J.B by the girls). JB came to party with the girls. After being with 3 girls every afternoon for Pardee Hour 3 days in succession, and enjoying a 2-4-1 every night for 3 nights in a row, he emerged for breakfast on his fourth day, looking "a little worse for wear". He said "I didn't think that it could happen to me, but I have finally hit the wall", using a term that long distance runners use. But. He rallied and extended his 5 day vacation into an 8 day vacation. Good job, J.B. And now you know that, yes, 25 year olds can benefit from using Cialis.

Those are just a few of the special guests that were here the past couple of months. My apologies to any of you that were not given an "honorable mention". But we will have another newsletter being posted soon. Also we will have a special section on the girls that come to the villas. Something that most of you will want to read.

Now, it is time for an early morning swim here in the villas pool before breakfast. I have been working here in my "corner office with a view' since very eraly this morning. It looks like a good day for the beach. I think I will head down that way after breakfast.

Ciao For Now, Magnum
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Postby ragtop318i » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:13 pm

Uhhh. Hmmmm. Magnum, that would be visit number 11. Trip number 12 in a week and a half, but who's counting?
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Postby bomba » Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:21 pm

I'm counting too.... ha ha

26 days 10 hours till trip #2
117 days 10 hours till trip #3

Postby Rumreserve » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:16 am

Hey KC, Magnum has a saying that may fit Cliff better. Instead of "your only as old as the women that you hang out with"

it goes " your only as old as the women you feel" I think he is a good example of that. LOL
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2011 Newsletters

Postby magnum » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:47 pm

Hey Rum, Thanks. Yes. I can't remember who told me that one. But it is true. If the boot fits , then wear it. You truly are only as the women you feel. LOL. There has never been a place that it fits better than here at the villas. So no matter how old YOU are chronologically, you will never feel older than 20 to 28. We have had quite a few guests that can attest to that.
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