January, 2011

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January, 2011

Postby KCQuestor » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:02 pm

The Wild Island Times
January 2011

What a ending to 2010!


Thanksgiving week and we had ten guests in two beachfront villas with 36 chicas (that's a lot to give thanks for). Then two weeks later with eight guests in our beachfront villas with 24 chicas that week to celebrate our Christmas Party. Three guests from Florida (all Margarita Island veterans) brought an array of gifts for all of the girls who dressed up in their holiday best (and sexiest): baby doll lingerie with Santa helper caps and reindeer antlers. Giving a whole new slant to the word "horny". What a Christmas Party it was! Everyone was in the spirit of giving. LOL.


Senor Suerte was back again that week. And his initial luck for his first two casino excursions was just where he left off last trip to the villas in April. He won $1,000 at the Black Jack tables in two nights. He even drew 3 deuces (on a double split) and the 3 consecutive face cards, giving him three hands of 12. But the dealer busted (yes that is the word) and he won with three 12s. I have never seen that happen before. But on his last night he stayed at the table too long losing all of his $1,000 winning back to the casino. Oh well. He made up for it by doing a 2 for 1 with Yanira and Iliana when we returned to the villas. He came out the next morning for breakfast the next morning gasping for air and saying, "That was a freak show, and I was right in the middle of it."


The Florida boys were very impressed with the new talent (and beauty) of the villas new companions. This was their first visit to our DR villas after a few past visits to the Margarita Island villas. They work with yachts (in construction, charters , and sales) and they said that they have elected me as the "Charter Captain of The Year". Quite an honor. Thanks, boys.

Canadians dominated the reservations list for the later part of the year. And as always they are some of the best guests. But we had two very last minute cancellations from Canadian guests for New Years week, putting a severe dent in the villas cash flow for the month , and affecting New Years plans. We will need to consider some "new rules" for December reservations and deposits next year. But, all things considered, 2010 was a very good year for us at MWV. And 2011 has started very strong with a "full house" two weeks in January. The year ahead looks very strong with the new beach villas and a ton of repeat reservations.

I am looking forward to seeing you here in 2011.

Cheers, Magnum Wilde

"It's time to see the world and kiss some girls" From the wise sayings of Mr Buffet, I can't recall if it was Warren or Jimmy. Oh well. It's time for another cold beer and a swim. Ah, yes. It's January and we have water temps close to 80 degrees F. Glad to see that cold weather is behind us.
It is better to have seen a place once than to have heard of it a thousand times.
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